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Silent reflux Lock Rss

I suspect my son, 11weeks, formula fed since birth, might have silent reflux.
Does anyone know if this is the same thing as acid reflux?
Also what is the remedy for it? I am off to the doc tomorrow but wanted to get some info first. Any advice appreciated.
Cheers, Anna

Anna, Brisbane, Mum to Ed born 16/08/05 and Beth b

As far as I know silent reflux doesnt have as much of the screaming as acid reflux.
With silent reflux the may not have the heartburn pain just the constant projectile vomitting.
I know acid reflux can be helped by medications, with silent reflux like my 9 week old has, you can put them onto a thickened formula (like Karicare AR) which drastically reduces the about of after feeding vommiting because it stays in their tummies better.
Also elevating one end of the cot to about 20 degrees can help, and not letting them lay flat even when you hold them. You may need to by a special support cushion for the slope so they dont roll down in their sleep, then you tuck their blankets just over the cushion (and under their feet), not the whole matress so they cant slide underneath them. If they wriggle down then they take the cushion and blanket with them, it doesnt come up over their faces, or they can sleep in a sleeping bag.
I suspected reflux before I saw my Dr so changed my DD from normal to AR formula and elevated before I saw the DR, I was lucky that this was all she needed to help her reflux so when I went to the Dr I knew I didnt need medication.

But so much depends on the severity and what your Dr thinks. I hope that helps a bit and your son feels better soon.

Min, NSW, Charlotte 30/8/05

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