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Attention breastfeeding mothers! What do you do.....? Lock Rss

Hi all

I am a little confused as to whether or not you should feed on both breasts or feed on the same breast??

I used to only feed my daughter on the same breast and then when she was due for her next feed I would feed on her on the other breast. Since seeing my mhcn she told me to go back to feeding on both breasts, but I'm reading a really good book at teh moment called "Secrets of the baby whisperer" which I am finding really helpful in lot's of other aspects as well, however she suggests only feeding from the one breast due to the foremilk and hind milk issue. She said that is you were to express in to a bottle and leave it on the bench it would separate in to 3 different parts. The first part being really watery (which is the quencher) and the second part would be the part that's great for growing bones etc... and the third part is the rich fatty part of the milk which inables them to put on weight.

TJ has never had a problem with her weight but it IS easier feeding her on both breasts as I never ever really feel like my boobs are going to explode whereas they did when I was doing it the other way.

What does everyone else do???

I feed Sonja one side basically till she comes off by herself. Then I burp her and if she's still hungry I give her the other side. Sometimes she has both, sometimes she only has one side. I offer which ever side she didn't have or had second next time round.
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