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food to avoid when beast feeding.... Lock Rss

My son is just over a week old, and for the last 2 days he has been impossible to settle. he is soo tired, but he just dozes off then wakes with a screaming pain...wind/bellyache we presume. so i started thinking what i had eaten the night before..yes cabbage! i couldnt believe i had forgotten all this after all, this is my 4th, but i have just forgotten about all this stuff.
so what i want to be reminded of what foods can give wind??? i know of cabbage and onion, refresh me before i have an unsettled bub again!

hi moody mum! congrats on number 4!! wow!
Um, i was told with my first that foods like
corn, green vegies ( beans, peas sponich and all that), tomatoe( couldnt believe that), caffeine, fizzy drinks, nuts, too much choc, and sugar, and.. um.. thats all i can remeber for now, but cprn and tomato were the wosrt for me cause I love em!!
hope ur lil bub feels better soon, i use infants friend with Dylan ( 9 weeks) and i used infacol with ashton and gripe water...
hope u guys are doin well..

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

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