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formula and wind Lock Rss

my 6 week old has been on s26 gold formula since we brought him home, for the past couple of weeks we have been having trouble with him at night time as he has been suffering from extremely bad cases of wind. we spoke to the doctor about it and he told us not to use sugared water (gripe water) which my parents swore by when raising myself and my other siblings as he is too young. he suggested we use something called donolix which we got and have been trying but it just doesnt seem to be working no matter what we do we also tried drops by Bayer for collic and that didnt work either. 6 out of 7 nights we have nothing but problems with him, he is in so much agony that when you hold him he basically is standing up on your lap. he will usually settle down around 2 am and then will sleep until 8-9 if hes not in too much pain if not its every hour on the hour hes awake screaming the place down and you are able to feel his stomach and feel how tight it is. can anyone suggest anything that we may be able to try, as i dont know what else to try. i dont know if its the formula doing it to him but ive been told by child, youth health nurse not to change his formula as he is thriving on it so i dont know what to do, please help.....

kathleen, sa, 6 week old baby

S26 is renowned for causing constipation and is more common out of all cow's milk based formulas for causing digestive problems. S26 was my first formula choice in the beginning when I was moving from breast to bottle and my bub was going alright on it when it was half and half but as soon as I went 100% of my feeds on S26 he got gassy and constipation so I changed to Karicare Gold and he has been great ever since.

I am wary with disagreeing with a health professional but that is what worked for us.

Painful gas is a usual indicator that the bub's system is not ready for something that they are digesting or something medical. Get a second opinion.

Hope it works out.

hi we were originally on S26 I have a 11wk old girl we changed to the Heinze brand which has helped we also dosed her up on infants friend, and we use gripe water. I have found that gripe water is especially good for the hicups we we get alot.

Tammy and Kheyrra

hi we were originally on S26 I have a 11wk old girl we changed to the Heinze brand which has helped we also dosed her up on infants friend, and we use gripe water. I have found that gripe water is especially good for the hicups which we get alot.

Tammy and Kheyrra

I introduced my baby to S26 Gold also at 5 weeks. She also had extremely bad wind trouble and refused to sleep because of this. We tried all the colic remedies without any relief. It wasn't until 8 weeks when it was suggested that I change my daughter's formula to NAN HA, which is more closer to breast milk. It is broken down more easily.
After starting her on NAN within days I could see a major improvement - it was a life saver.
Not sure whether a formula change would be useful to you but it certainly was the best thing for my daughter.
My seven week old son also has trouble with wind. We have found a warm bath with a massage afterwards seems to help him settle. Also even though i didn't believe in dummys this seems to help as well. I hope all goes well.


My 10 week old had really bad wind and reflux on the Heinz baby formula starting when she was 6 weeks old. She had all the problems you describe, standing up and screaming in pain, tight stomach. A friend of mine who has fostered over 135 kiddies suggested trying a formula with AR on the tin. AR stands for Anti-Reflux and the formula is a little thicker. S26 and Karikare both have an AR formula, I got the S26 AR and it worked wonders.

Hi kathleen

A friend of mine had a similar problem and ended up taking her to a chiropractor and after that she had no problems at all. I'm not sure I would try it but it worked for her as they said her neck was out after a difficult birth which put her whole system out, might be worth a try.

Vic, 2 boys 20mth 10wk

Hi Kathleen,
Not that i have much experience as my baby girl is only 4 weeks old (she's on Heinz Nurture formula), she has really bad wind. We use the Brauer "Colic Relief" liquid. It's homoeopathic so safe for lil babies to use and I find it works really well. It's available at most chemists.
Good luck

Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

know the feeling - we have a 2/12 year old boy - had really bad reflux and abdominal pains also diarrea - was alergic to cows milk. If things dont settle for your child within 5 days of changing formulas - would recommend you try soy formula. We used goats milk formula which was ok but mor expensive we realised later!!

Hope your baby settles soon. It can be very exhausting

Louise, Vic, mum of Daniel almost 3yrs

I had the same problem with my daughter. Firstly, S-26 is probably the worst formula for wind and constipation. I use Karicare, which is doing pretty well. My daughter probably has wind pains once a week and manages to go tot he toilet once a day, with not too much effort. I have also heard that Nan is a good formula, but you aren't supposed to change formulas too often, so i stuck to Karicare, and let me tell you, your bub will thrive on it also (mine does... probably too much some weeks gaining 250 grams!).

For the one day she is upset, the pharmacist recommended we try Infacol wind drops which are also sugar free.

I also give my bub when she is upset 30mls of water and it usuallu quitems her down a little. A dummy helps to settle her also, but doen't help the pain.

I hope everything works well for you!
My son suffered terribly with wind and constipation on the Karicare Gold formula and at his 6 week check our Pediatrician advised putting him on the Nan Probiotic.

It has been an absoluate god send !!

He used to move his bowels every 3 days and was in terrible pain and now does it every 24 hours with no pain at all. The wind has died down considerably aswell.

He's now 11 weeks old, thriving and a much happier baby.

Lynne, NSW, Curtis' Mum

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