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Hi Kathleen,

I to had my 6 week old daughter on s26 and found she was very constipated I tried everything and my health nurse told me to try Infasoy and ever since she sleeps well and is growing bueatifully. No constipation a little wind every now and then. Apparently the reason the s26 can cause constipation is because of the iron intake. So I hope it works out for you.

Petangel23 Mirabi 28/11/03

mirabi 28/11/03

Hi Kathleen,

I put my son on S26 Gold and he has had wind since day one, but didn't change the formula as I was also told you shouldn't do that.
After my mother in law kept harping my husband and I to try a soy formula (as my husband was lactose intolerant as a baby) we put Lachlan on Infasoy. He liked it but it ran through him as quick as it went in his mouth. We then put him back on S26 gold, but after reading the comments a few other people have mentioned I think I might try another formula.

We have tried Donnalix which did not work for us.

I am now sitting Lachlan up to feed and my husband puts him in the highchair. When I burp him I massage his back using firm strokes up his back then pat his back between the shoulder blades gently. This seems to work for us getting the wind up.

Mandi, The Oaks NSW, Bub born 20/11/03

My son - now 3 months had pretty bad wind. My neighbour was a Natropath of 20 years and turned out to be an absolute saint. She bought over Acidophilus and a natural Colic mixture containing Fennel (you get both from a Natropath) which is 1ml mixed in with 50ml of cool boiled water. All these things definately helped his pains and now we dont look back. Not only is the Fennel good for wind, but it changes the taste of boring old water gasp) Also i used Infocol drops - more for my piece of mind, they made me feel like I was actually doing something to help my poor little boy. We also used the Chiropractor, and that combined with all of the above sorted him out at about 6-8 weeks. I also had him on Nan HA 1 formula on the recommendation from a nurse at Nagala. It is easy to digest. Also I would burp him about 4-5 times during a feed when he was really bad especially at night. It seems like the wind will never go away but it does and will. LOTS of cuddles when he is in pain is the best medicine of all and don't be afraid of spoiling your little boy when he needs you most. When my little boy was really suffering, I would let him fall asleep on my chest snuggled into my breast listening to my heart beat, then i would transfer him to his cot.
Give all these things a go - they are all natural non-prescription so what have you got to lose. Just rememeber those famous last words - everything sorts its self out by 3 months - your half way there!
My first child was brought home from hospital on s26 formula and suffered from horrific wind also. We changed to Karicare and he did much better. We also raised the end of his cot ever so slightly to alleviate the reflux symptoms. (The head end of the cot!) A frind of mine whose baby had severe reflux used to roll her baby over an inflatable ball on her tummy to bring up the wind! Her chiropracter suggested it and it worked brilliantly. Just be sure to hold them tight to avoid scaring them I guess. All in all it should really settle down within a few months and you won't know yourself. All the best.

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

Dear Kath,
My name is Andrea and I have a baby girl named Tarni, she is nine weeks old and has also suffered from wind since birth. I atarted her on s26 but found gave her bad tummy upsets and wind. My peditatrian said that also s26 is the best known formula on the market it is not the best for babies, because it is high in suger and sodium. He surgested karicare blue and also marina infant wind drops ( these drops are herbal they have pepermint and fennel in them so they are safe to use all the time.) Tarni loves the new formula and also the drops. I hope this helps.
I have a 4 week old boy. He has suffered from wind since birth and we have used Infants Friend which has worked well in bringing his wind up at feed time. The problem we have is around 3am every morning he seems to get a build up of wind in the bottom of his stomach which is only relieved by passing wind. This seems to cause him a lot of pain as he screams and cries. I have spoken to various health workers, one said it was a behavioral problem which was crazy, as I can see he is in pain. I am assuming it is a build up of wind over a 24 hour period. Has anyone experienced anything similar? He is on Heinz Formula.

Janine, QLD

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