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wont take bottle from me Lock Rss

hi was just wondering if anyone can help me i want to give my son the occasional bottle cuz im thinking bout weaning him onto bottles eventually so i was thinking bout giving him like a lunch time bottle but the thing is he wont take the bottle from me cuz he knows if he crys for long enuff i will just give up and give him boob he will take it from my mum or anyone else but me if his hungry how do i get him to stop being so stubborn and fussy and take it from me??? any advice would be great smile thanks:)

Lauren , Qld , mummy to baby jack 27/7/05 gasp)

a midwife told me to use a teet that is long & thin so it goes right into thier mouth like the breast nipple does. thats what worked for me.

Imogens Mumma

Are you giving bub formula or breastmilk in the bottle. If you are giving formula try giving half breast milk and half formula to try and wean onto the formula also put bub in the bouncer or something other than your lap which may give bub the impression that he is going to get the booby. Another suggestion is to perhaps give bub one booby then try the bottle so the edge is off the hunger a little.

Let us know how you go.

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

Hi, I was advised when introducing a bottle, is to give it first thing in the morning, when bub is most hungry. What other incentive is there for taking a cold rubber teat (over a nice warm fleshy one smile) than hunger.
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