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cougthing while feeding Lock Rss

Hi my little girl zoe always seems to cougth while feeding there for she pulls off then i find it hard for her to go back on, also at night and also during the day she will dry reach at times an cougth, she always sounds fleemy.....

baby zoe nsw

Hey there, My litttle girl Cadey does it to, i asked the doctor about it and she said it is fine not much you can do sometimes the milk goes down to fast you just have to wait a few secs then they go back on cadey is usually fine. Also Cadey also seems flemmy all the times making all those noises like its all built up in her chest but not sure what to do neithre it comes and goes was going to try giving her some water perhaps try and flush it out or something i dont know????

charly and Cadey (01/09/05) Brisbane

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