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when to stop giving them the bottle Lock Rss

my little girl is 1 year and i have just stoped her night time bottle,so she just has a morning one now,when should i stop the morning bottle or is it to soon to stop the nigth and morning bottle.
whould like some help !!!!!

kirsty w
new zealand

kirsty, new zealand

Stopping the bottle is a choice you can make any time from now, it all depends on you and your little one. The important thing you need to monitor is that she is still getting enough calcium over the day!
The early childhood centre recommends a minimum three servings a day. Normally this consists of a tub of yoghurt, a cheese stick and 1-2 cups of milk! If you gave up the two bottles just make sure she is having a sipper cup instead!

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

thankyou for wrighting back,she doesn't have a bottle at all now and she is drinking from a cup,she drinks about acup of milk a day but then she has custard and yoghurt as well. THANKYOU very much for your fed back

kirsty w

kirsty, new zealand

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