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Karicare Formula Lock Rss

Hi there. My baby - JESSICA- is now 4 weeks old. I had to put her on formula at 2 weeks old as my milk supply went away. I put her on karicare. She is drinking about 200mls every 4 hours or so. It seems so much and she never seems to be full. Should I get a more fulling formula or is she drinking the right amount

Stacey,NZ, Jessica bd 13/10/05

Hi i have had my daughter on karicare since about 1 week old and she is having 150ml every 3-4 hours during the day and she sleeps around 6-7 hours at night.She is 11 weeks now and i ahve started to give her some rice cereal every now and then and she loves it.
I know you can get a thickened version of the karicare so you might want to try that if she id drinking that much.
Hope this helps you.


Lisa,new mum to Shelby 24/08/05, QLD

Hi Stacey,
How much does Jessica weigh? Big babies will often want to eat more. Also does she have a dummy? Some babies just like to suck on something a bottle. boob or dummy, they might just eat so they have something to suck on. But if she puts it away, is growing well and is settled let her have what she wants.

My 11 week old is on Karicare AR (thickened) , for her reflux, and has 150ml every 4 hours during the day and sleeps through for 7- 8 hours at night usually 9.30- 4.30.
She will probably go up to 200ml in the next month as she is starting to take every drop she gets at the moment.


Min, NSW, Charlotte 30/8/05

As far as I know bub will not take more than she needs. I had to put Jeb on formula at 9 weeks as I couldn't keep up my supply (he's a big boy born 9lb 14oz) at that time I tried S-26 gold and the heinz formula but both made him constipated but the S-26 kept him fuller longer. From the 9 weeks old he was having 200ml x 5 bottles a day. Even though the tin said he should only be having 150ml my CHN told me to give him what he wanted. The tin chart is only recommendations. Also, in his last bottle at night I put in rice cereal to keep him fuller through the night. He has his last bottle at 10:30pm and sleep to 6:30-7:30am. I've been putting 1 scoop of rice cereal (I use a formula scoop) mixed with about 60 ml of cooled boiled water in his bottle since he was 10/11 weeks old. I don't know if this would be a good thing for a bub your age but talk to you GP or CHN about it. Try the thickeners too, I have heard they work but I couldn't get any to try in my little town where I live. Good luck, go with what feels right for you and your bub smile
Hey im from Nz 2 and i have a 6 week old baby girl i have been told to put my baby on S26 by wyeth its 85% the same as breast milk and fills them up
I had to put my girl on it while i was back in hospital because the stuff they were giving me stoped my milk from coming back, she took about 140mls and slept 4-5 sometimes even 6 hrs at a time.

200mls is too much for a 4 week old and maybe she needs it but im sure shes just taking it because its there ( i know because thats what my girl started to do but then threw it back up )

i strongly recomend S26 !!! give it a go u can get it from anywere paknsave woolworths countdown and its about $11 or $12 depends on were you shop
take care
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