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Heating Bottles Lock Rss

Heating times in microwaves depend on volume of milk, temp of milk (whether its been in the fridge, or has just been made up) and microwave wattage. Generally for around 180 - 200 ml try heating for 30 secs. Shake bottle well, test temp and if more time is needed try 10 second bursts. Always test before giving to bub, and if using someone elses microwave, proceed with caution as everyones seems to heat differently.

Bottle warmers to me are not generally great investments. If you check boxes for heating times required you will find most need around 8-10 mins to heat 200ml (i think). Fine if you have a patient baby, i do not. You are just as well off heating with hot water.

Hope this helps!

Rachel, SA, mum to Ella 11mths

Hi Inf,

Since my last post I received the Avent Bottle Warmer for Xmas.

Someone mentioned that the heating time takes around 10 min. My Avent takes only 4 min.

Inf, you mentioned that you always have a bottle in the warmer on low for ready use. Do you use the #1 setting and just leave it in there? Does it not get too hot on setting #1?

Would love to hear back from you.

PS. I love my bottle warmer. Good investment when you live in a granny flat and don't have a kitchen in there (have to run into the house adjoining).

Hi rachella, I saw your post here and thought I would just give you a quick hello as I am Rachel and my daughter is Ella also! My Ella is Ella Maree what is your Ella's middle name?

Rachel, 20mth girl + 1 on the way

I rang Avent about this same thing and they say it is ok to heat bottles in the microwave after all they sell a microwave steriliser. They stressed to test the water always in case of hot spots. I just heat the water for 45 secs and add the formula later. I don't like to heat the formula in the microwave. Hope this helps

Michelle, NSW, 3mth baby girl

I use the microwave to heat the water when I'm out and about ie, friends place, cafe's.

At home I use the Avent bottle warmer and have since discovered that if you leave the setting on 1 & 1/2 that it keeps the bottle at the right temp so now there is a bottle always ready on stand by.

The avent bottle warmer is worth the purchase.

Sounds like you're providing the perfect conditions for growing bugs in your water by holding it at ~37 degC for hours on end. Remember sterilization only gets rid of most of the bugs... not all (a constant challenge for all food producers, hospitals and air con cooling towers) so any bugs left in the water and bottle surface will continue to grow. What does the manufacturer have to say about this? If they don't mention it in their directions I wouldn't do it. It won't hurt bub to wait a bit for food but a stomach bug might.

I'm interested in buying the Advent Express Warmer which says it takes about 5 minutes. Has anyone any experience with this? Sounds just like the perfect amount of time to change bub before I feed him.

Leesa, NSW, 2 Mth Baby


My health nurse, doctor, and midwife all told me never to heat babies milk in the microwave, I always just put some boiled water out of the kettle in a jug, enough to cover the milk and pop the bottle of milk in the water until it's heated, does'nt take long at all...


woohoo we did it!

"At home I use the Avent bottle warmer and have since discovered that if you leave the setting on 1 & 1/2 that it keeps the bottle at the right temp so now there is a bottle always ready on stand by.

The avent bottle warmer is worth the purchase."

Well the difference is that I'm keeping water warm and only longer enough for the next feed, unlikely to get bugs in that.

I don't use the warmer anymore as my daughter has been off formula for 9 months now. I've given it to my sister-in-law to use until I need it again in about 6 months time when this bubby to use it as a food warmer etc

I wasn't sure about the warmer when I first got it but now I wouldn't be without it.

I've checked out the warmer and my bottles (Pur self sterilizing don't fit). Yet another case of a manufacturer only making a product to fit their bottles.

Also something to be aware of... not all teats fit all bottles even though they say so on the package (e.g. tommee tipee variflow... won't work at all if the fit is not perfect...don't use them with other bottles).

You'd be surprised at the resiliance of those bugs. smile 37degC is the perfect breeding temperature. I guess having scientific training (BSc PhD) means that I'm very concerned at holding anything around this temperature for more than an hour or so. With knowledge comes paranoia smile You should have seen how long it took me to choose the type of formula I'm using...

Leesa, NSW, 2 Mth Baby

I can assure you that any bottle will fit the warmer as you don't need the blue core on the inside. I removed mine as it was always in the way of seeing the water level and there was heaps of room around the avent bottles (which are big to start with).

As for bugs well I'll say you need a bug inside the milk to start the process in an hour but warm water is pretty safe. I never made up my bottles and kept milk heating in the warmer. I kept water in there yes.

I dont know what a warmer is But i know u can heat bottles up in the microwave as it doesnt destroy the nutrients, u just have to make sure you shake it as so there is no hot spots. If you put formula into hot boiled water that hasnt had time to cool well, that destroys everything.

mum to bayden 25/02/05

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