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donnalix for colic- have you tried it?? Lock Rss

hi, as some may have read, i have had an awful time with my newborn saxon. he has silent reflux, cries constantly and doesnt sleep. we were both exhausted. i figured he has colic as well, as he seemes to have belly ache too.
anyway, he has hit the 4weeks mark and thought beauty, i can get some inacol for him. but when i went to the chemist, she asked if i had heard of this donnalix. she said a mum had asked her to order it in as she had heard great results from it. well it is from behind the counter, and alot better than infacol.
so i tried it yesterday, and i swear i have a new baby today!! he slept from 9pm to 4am! then he went 2 hrs, but had a bout 3 1-3 hrs sleeps today, and feeding around those times. before he was constantly attatched to me!
i was soo excited and have had a great day, got things done and feel human! so fingers crossed i have same results tonight.
so if anyone is desperate with a colicky babe, ask your chemist, and i wouls say give it a go!
I Have the same problem as you moodymum my daughter is 4 weeks tommorow witht the same simptoms i also went and brought donnalix yesterday but no results as such, she is sleeping a little better but thats all. Fingers crossed it works just as well for me i need some sleep!


hi everyone,
I use donnalix on my girl Amiity. It works wonders. She used to suffer from bad colic at night. Now i give it to her for her last 4 feeds and she is a angel. goes to bed at 1030pm and sleeps till 8 or 9 am. I would definitely recommend it.
I am desperate! Baby boy with colic and silent reflux. Dr told me donnalix was deleted. Can u PLEASE tell me where u got it from???
Rhuger is also good but is an NZ product although you can buy it online. MIdwives often recommend it in NZ.
Have you thought of trying probiotics?
Bio Gaia probiotics drops have been proven to be effective in releiving Colic.
Is your bubba Breastfed or formula fed?
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