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Expressing Milk Lock Rss


I was just wondering if i expressed say 60ml of breast milk at one sitting.. say hour or so later can i express another 60ml and add it to the previous batch of milk or do you keep the expressed milk separate for each batch that i express??
Hope that makes sense
Any advice would be appreciated
Regards Mel
I'd mix 'em. I probably wouldn't mix todays with yesterdays if you know what I mean. Athough I did do that when I had frozen the first lot, and then they were both frozen in the one bottle.

Don't know if that's the professionals advice tho smile
As an example if you express 60ml now put it into the fridge later if you express another 100ml put in another container in the fridge. When both are cold you can then mix the EBM together.

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

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