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Bottlefeeding regrets can i still breastfeed??? Lock Rss

Hi there:

I have just given birth to my first baby on the 17th November (1 and 1/2 weeks old) and i have been feeling bad that i didn't try breastfeeding more + i feel the nurse was pushing me to bottlefeed, as she was hungry and i was told i couldnt express colustrum til my milk came in.... (been told that what she said was not true!?)

Anyways one week and a half later i have noticed that i still have colustrum freely coming out of both breasts after taking the medication on day 3 to stop my milk from coming in. Does this mean the medication didn't work at all or just not completely?

If i was to express my colustrum for the next few days will my milk come in?? Can i start expressing colustrum whilst bottlefeeding the little one then if the milk can come in start breastfeeding exclusively??

I would appreciate anything anyone can say on my situation. Thanx heaps

Lisa - Due 29th November 2005

Lisa, have you given the Australian Breast Association a ring? Or emailed their website?
They have great advice and counsellors.
Ive heard of women that stopped breastfeeding and could still squeeze out milk months later!
The body is a wonderful thing hey?
If your bub is so little still, the instinct is so strong to suck.
Before a feed, why dont you put her on your boobs and give her a suck, see what happens?
And just start to express, its a lot easier then it sounds in the blur of new baby hood.
I hired mine from the chemist, the first week could only get a couple of mls every 3 hours, at the end of a week it was 40mls per feed!
Another girl on this site couldnt get her bub to latch on and used expressed milk with bottles for 10 months.
I had a terrible time breastfeeding at the start, bubs mouth was tiny and my nipples bled etc.
It took about 4 weeks but then it got so easy and we still have a wonderful bfeeding relationship.
But anyway, ABA have trained experts to help with anything possible you need to know. smile

jen, mum to sahra born 28.6.04


The nurse who told you that you couldn't express colustrum was wrong. My SIL had a premmie baby and because he was too small to breast feed they got her to hand express colostrum until her milk came in and then she was able to use a pump.

Good luck with the breast feeding!


Mum to (Olivia 3 Feb 2004) & (Emily 26 Jan 2006)

hi you can still brestfeed your baby and bottle feed to and yes your milk should still come

rachel,NSW 1 month baby

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