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when is enough enough?? Lock Rss

some of you may know, but i have been struggling to settle my new bub, saxon. he has silent reflux and colic.
i am brestfeeding, but find he will continually suckle, i have to detatch him, and after half hour i take him off, only for him to scream and want more. he feeds alot, and hardly sleeps. deciding wether to put him onto the bottle.
When is enough enough???? when do you decide that you cant take breastfeeding anymore, feeling like a failure as i feel i dont satisfy him. he is my last i wanted to desperately feed him to 12 months, but not sure what to do.
sometimes i cant handle it, and think bugger it, othertimes i love it.
not sure what to do????
You need to do what is best for your baby and you. If bubs is still hungry you should try a bottle of formula and see how he goes. You aren't a failure, some people like myself have had to bottle feed right from day one. We are all different just like every baby is different.
Hi moodymum, I have a four month old little girl Ava. I was breastfeeding and was determined to do it until 12 months but after 7 weeks of Ava feeding all the time, never sleepig, always fussy and generally not a happy baby I put her on to formula. It was hard at first but Ava is sooo happy now, feeds every 3-4 hours always laughing and smiling, never had reflux or colic. Sometimes even though you know breast milk is the best you just have to opt for another option. Dont ever feel bad or like a failure!! If he is happy on the bottle leave it.

Sam, QLD, Ava 11.08.2005, Michala 11.01.2007

My 3-month old baby also has silent reflux and before she was diagnosed with reflux, she wouldn't stop feeding and found it hard to maintain sleep because of her reflux. I read on the Internet that babies with reflux either overfeeds or underfeeds. If they overfeed, it's because they're using the breastmilk as an antacid. I can certainly understand that since, when I was pregnant with my baby, I experienced heartburn quite often and my cure was to eat! smile She's now taking Zantac, which was prescribed by our GP, and two GPs and our paeditrician have confirmed that Zantac is harmless to the baby, which is why I decided to give it to her since, at first, I was hesitant to give her medicine at a young age. She's now feeding and sleeping ok.
hi there moodymum dont give up feeding your baby you can do both give him brest first than if he thinks he needs more give him the bottle.if you find that he will not settle give him a good birb and try giving him tummy time good luck please let me know if it helped you

rachel,NSW 1 month baby

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