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Stools problems with peptijunior i am getting desperate!!! Lock Rss

i started feeding my 6 wk old on Breastmilk from birh, but she couldnt latch on as flat nipples, so i expressed and feed thru bottle until she was 4wks old and stopped as i got mastitis and was exhausted and very the end couldnt express enough to feed her and tried again to express but got mastitis again as expressing didnt empty the breast. Anyway at birth she was very small and i had to constent to topping her up with formula as she was soooo hungry and i couldnt express enough colostrum to feed her, we decided to give her pepti junior as we have a history of allergys in the family with cows milk...i dont think she had problems with it then,,, only feed a few times, ended up in hospital at wk 2 as my milk dried up overnight and she got really bad juandice( i was feeding with nipple sheilds then) and got quiet sick so we had to feed her with tube down her nose to her stomach with pepti junior and eventually with expressed breast milk as the supply came back in from taking drugs to increase it!
anyway after the mastitis was started her on karicare gold as i was told it was really good formula.. she got constipated and started power chucking etc,, after a week of her being on it and her strainning and crying all day to go poos, she was pooing a tiny litte hard green droplet each day and she was having coloxyl 3 times per day in milk as perscribed by dr., i had enough and switched her back to pepti junior (hydrolisted whey formula- we were given subsidy for after being in hospital),,, thinking she was having a reaction to cows milk...
she has been on this for 7days now and is having lactulose also as dr perscribed, her poos have gone from hard to very dark green and very runny maybe once a day,, sometimes a pudding consitancy but usually very watery..and she is still grunting and strainning all day to go... I am getting desperate i dont know what to do anymore, i have tried sugar in water, orange juice, etc and nothings working, do i give it more time or what,, dr doesnt seem to know anything??????????????????help!!! i dont like seeing daugher in destress and would BF if i could!

sorry about the long post

Sarah,NZ, 1st baby born 19/10/05

Idon't really know what to tell you to do, but hang in there and don't put yourself down for not being able to bf her!
I expressed for weeks as he wouldn't attach and lost weight, and then he was out on AR formula, but anyway, when he was a newborn we had to top him up as well on formuls cos i didn't have enough ,ilk and he was constipated, but he didn't pass anything and the doc we saw said to give him a supposetry if he went a week without using his bowels if in pain and he was, so we gave it to him, it cleaned him out and he was fine again!
Sorry this won't help you as she is passing stools, but i want you to know that it's ok to stress especially with the first, i did too(he's now 14 months old)! It will get better soon, hope she is ok and not in too much pain!
Hang in, we are here for you!!!

kelly, NSW, 4year old and 2 year old boys and expe

I had problems with breastfeeding so Bailey is now on the bottle - but had awful problem with wind firstly - so I went to get some infacol but they had run out and I got this stuff called Infants Friend and I use it every other feed every day - and not only does it help with the wind it helps with keeping him regular - as we forgot for a couple of days and he got constipated - so it works for us -it also helps them sleep...perhaps give it a go..Good Luck!

SA,3mth boy

Hi there

I too suffered mastitis 3 times & decided to move to formula & bub was constipated as well. I tried the Coloxyll as well, it worked for a few days.

After speaking to my maternal nurse we decided to water down her feed so that 60ml would be broken down to 50ml of formula and 10ml of extra water, that combined with 5ml of gripe water before her feeds seems to have fixed her constipation and wind problems. I also had to change the formula and am now giving her Nan HIA apparently its kinder to thier digestive system.

Good luck and I hope bub is on the mend soon.


Jacinta, 3mths

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