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Want to change, but feeling guilty! Lock Rss

I have a beautiful 5 week old daughter that doesn't sleep very well at all! At night she might sleep for 2-3 hours but during the day I am constantly feeding and walking around trying to settle her. plus my nipples are sore from her pulling & biting down. I was thinking of trying a bottle or two of formula but I feel guilty! Is giving her a bottle or two a day and still breast-feeding ok? Will it be ok for her digestive system? I stopped feeding @ 2 weeks with my first and he was really constipated for weeks from it. Will it be ok for my milk supply?

Sheryl, VIC, 6 yr old & 5 week old

Hi shezzaB,

I began giving both of my sons a bottle at night just so I could have a chance for my boobs to 'refill' smile The evening seemed to be when they were hungriest and my boobs couldn't keep up. Apart from that one bottle, I breast fed DS1 until he was 1year old - then he lost interest! DS2 is only 3 1/2 months and I'll probably do the same with him.

Are you sure that your little one is definately hungry or is she unsettled for some other reason? Overtired maybe? I made the mistake of trying to feed DS1 all the time when he cried because I thought he was hungry (First time mum, I was worried he was starving!) I found out from the paediatrition that I was probably feeding him too much and he was getting a stomach ache!! sad When I stretched his feeds out eventually to four hours, he slept better and was less grizzly! How was I supposed to know - I just assumed that he was hungry everytime he cried - and everyone around would always say 'oh, he MUST be hungry'!!!!!!! >:-< so I would feed him!! When really he was probably just tired!!

I still had more than enough milk with DS1 and I still wake up with massive boobs full of milk now even after 3 1/2 months - and that's with a bottle of formula thrown in. As for the sore nipples - hang in there, it gets better, just make sure that bubs is attached properly.

Good luck with it all - let us know how you go! smile !
Hi there

i have a 10wk old but at 5 weeks decided to mix the breast and formula milk. She thrived on the combination. I am now feeding her only formula as I had mastitis 3 times & was sick of the antibiotics reacting with her.

I too struggled for weeks with the whole guilt thing but realised I needed to do what was best for me not what everyone else thought.

Jacinta was constipated too when she went to formula full time. My maternal nurse suggested I water down the feed (60ml feed was broken down to 50ml formula, 10ml extra water). In the end I had to change her formula (Gold ones tend to be kinder to their bellies so Im told). Coloyll is great for bubs with constipation and 5ml of gripe water before the feed can also help with wind.

There is a lot of pressure out there for us mums to "keep going" with the breast that makes this decision even harder but basically you need to decide what will work for you and with having another little one around, if combining the two makes life easier then go for it.... dont feel guilty.

The breasts will in time reduce their flow to compensate for those bottle feeds but make sure you look after then and express a little if they get sore or feel very full as you could end up with mastitis and trust me you dont want that.

Remember too that it could be the quality rather than the quantity that is the problem. You will soon know if you decide to mix feeds and she still doesnt settle. Talk to your maternal nurse as well as they can be a great rock!!!

Good luck and take care.

Jacinta, 3mths

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