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how many bottles? Lock Rss

I have a beautiful 11 week old son, who has been on four bottles of 200-250mls since he was 8 weeks old, he sleeps from 8.30pm-6-6.30am and his weight gain is fine, but the health clinic have said that he shouldn't be on four bottles until he is at least 6 months old, what should i do???

Joanne, QLD, lara - 25/2/02, zac - 11/1/04

Hi lara and zacs mum
I wouldnt worry too much about it, at least he has a good appetite. My daughter Tayla (13 weeks) drinks 6 or 7 bottles of 100-120mls each day- i cant get her to drink a larger amount.She feeds every 4 hours roughly, but sometimes its been 5 1/2 hours and she still doesnt seem hungry so i really have to encourage her to drink it.You're really lucky that your son sleeps that long at night time, Tayla wakes at least 3 times during the night and half the time she wont even take a bottle!
Cant wait till she sleeps through!
That is exactly the reason I have never been to a health clinic nurse with my 2 children. Each baby is different and cannot be brought up by using a manual on "what should be happening".

My son is 12 weeks old and has 5-6 120ml bottles and 2 feeds of solids each day. He has been on solids for the last month. I have tried to get him to have a bigger bottle, less often but he just does not want that much in one hit.

Watch and listen to your baby not the "How To" manual.

Jodie, Qld. Madison (09/09/00), Ashton (22/01/04)

Hayden is almost 3 months and is only having 4 bottles. we used to wake him by giving him a bath for the last feed, then just feeding him asleep, then we just cut out the bottle altogether. it didn't make any difference. occasionally he wants the extra feed and wakes for it. But otherwise we let him sleep through until about 5ish when he wakes himself.

Hayden born 12-2-2005

what do they want to do make u feel like a bad mum! bayden is 10weeks he has been having 200mls since 6 weeks cause i couldnt keep up. he has between 6 and 8 of these a day ans is only 5.5kgs

mum to bayden 25/02/05

to finish what i was saying (as i was so hurridy rushed off by DH) yeah bayden has that much. I bst fed for the 1st 4 weeks and he didnt gain any weight really and the health nurses got stuck into me made me feel like a bad mum.
At 6 weeks old he was wanting about 10 150 mls a day (in 24hrs) so I upped the bottles and now he has generally bout 6, but today i know he will have 8.
He gains a kg a month so far and is a comphy 5.5kgs (born 3.7) He isnt over weight or chubby, actually out of all the babies i have seen he is thinner than most..but he is still long.
If your baby wants 4 feed it 4 if it wants 8 feed it 8. Demand feeding is best casue only your baby knows what it wants or needs its your job to give it

mum to bayden 25/02/05

Joanne - I wouldn't be too worried if baby is healthy and not loosing weight.

Jacob is 4 and a bit months old and has just started sleeping through the night from about 6.30/7pm to 6.30/7.30am.

He has four feeds a day of 250mls (sometimes less) and is no worse off for this amount of bottles.

He is healthy as a horse and reaching his milestones so far.

But if you are concerned about anything - maybe your GP could help if you feel your clinic nurse is too difficult - sometimes it helps to have another professional opinion too.

Let us know how you go.
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