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going crazy breastfeeding Lock Rss

i am a first time mum and my baby is 19 days old. he has been a wonderful baby until now. all of a sudden he want to feed every hour and will only sleep if he is being held as soon as you put him down he screams. he screams so hard he goes red in the face and forgets to breathe. he has sucked on his arm so hard that he has a dark purple bruise. i seam to have enough milk. it runs out the corner of his mouth and he detaches himself. i called my midwife and she said it is his 3 week old growth spurt. i feel like just giving in and giving him a bottle i am so tired. anyone have any tips or even just some comments to make me feel better lol

nik qld baby boy 11/05

Is he fully burped? I found that with my daughter if I layed her down when she still had wind she would scream till she got it up. Sucking apparently eases the pain from wind (so I was told at the hospital) so my daughter would suck hard on her dummy (I think dummys are good for calming babies and getting them off to sleep - she down't get it during 'awake' times). Also, if they have wind and you offer the breast they will suck to relieve it but it can make it worse. I did that once with my daughter and she simply threw it all up.
It could also be reflux but I have no experience with that. I have seen on TV and here that elevating the cot a little can help with that.
Feeding every hour sounds like more than simply a growth spurt. I didn't get a 2-3 week "growth spurt" with my daughter, only a 6 week one (where she added in a feed in the evening) and a 12-13 week one (when she had a day or two of feeding every 2-3 hours but still slept at night).
Also, is the "milk running out of the corner of his mouth" thing happening all the time or just at the end of feeds? If it happens all the time (badly) then it may be bad attachment. A little dribble is probably OK though. Bad attachment can mean he is not getting enough milk. A breastfeeding consultant would be able to help you (should be one in your area that you could visit? - I know they charge for home visits but I was given the impression there are some around that you can go to).

That's all my ideas. Hope things improve for you soon smile
i might be replying to late but i had the same thing with my baby girl aroung that age, and i kept thinking that my milk wasn't good enougth but it was, it was just her growth spurt, and i think the not putting them down or they will scream is all to do with just beginning to notice things and it would feel very scary to them as they are not used to our world so there for they need there mummy for comfort, and they say the breast is the best comforting..
my girl Zoe is 11 weeks now and she is still breast feeding, i find it comforting if i get her weighed every week or too just to see her weight gaining.

Hope you didn't give up

Cheers Zoe Taylah

baby zoe nsw

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