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Breastfeeding and working Lock Rss

I went bak to work last wk part time. im doing 3 or 4 days a wk. My baby is 6wks old and i have breastfed the whole time up until last weekend. He has been in a routine where he feeds at 6, 10 and 2 on a 24hr cycle. When i went bak to work i bf him at 6am and then he was given formula (s26 Gold) at 10 and 2 and then i bf him again at 6pm. I worked on sat, sun and mon. I am unable to express milk while i am at work but my breasts dont get sore or too full in the 11hrs i am gone. I have never had a problem with my milk supply. On tue was was very unsettled and out of his feeding times and would cry with hunger wen i bf him so i put him onto straight formula because i was convinced i had no milk for him. Last nite and today my breasts were extremly sore and leaking so i bf him at 10am which relieved the pain. I tried bf him all day but he just cries with hunger even though there is milk there. i really enjoy bf cand want to continue, is it still possible, or have i wrecked that chance by not bf at all for 2days????

Baby Kaleb 1 years old

He may be going through a growth spurt, give it a couple more days at least and see what happens. You're qiute lucky to have a routine so early on. My little girl is 5 weeks and had no routine and I can bf for hours (or so it seems) on end and she will still will be hungry. Like you I may think that I don't have enough milk but when I express it comes spurting out so who knows. How hard she sucks does not seem to matter as she can be sucking realy well for over an hour and still be hungry half hour later. Wish someone had an about to give up at 2mths and revert to formula, at least I know then she has had a good feed or not.

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