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Burping..... Until what age? Lock Rss

My daughter (5 weeks) needs to be burped after a feed or she will vomit qiute a bit but my problem is that it seems to take forever to bring up the wind. I don't want to use products like infacol etc. Does anyone have a way to burp apart from the "traditional" ways. I have about 10 different ways but sometimes none seem to work. But my most impt question is when can I stop burping her? I can't remember when I stopped burping my son. Can't wait for the day when I can feed her and just lay her in bed straight away!

Mum to Aidan 20 Jan 04 and Georgia 10 Nov 05

My daughter gradualy became easier to burp. By about 10 weeks all I had to do a lot of the time was sit her up. She's pretty good now and will bring up wind almost all the time when she is put up right but there is still often a little bit in there. She often blips now when she is lying down and brings her legs up or when I change her. She's now 15 weeks. SOmetimes when she was younger it would take ages to get it all up.

The whole burping thing is such a pain isn't it. Just when you finally get it all up you have to feed them again and the whole thing starts all over again sad Hehe
I have found that if I give my daughter a drink of water after feeds that she will burp. I don't have too many troubles with burping her but when i do, the water helps. When she was younger, I would also stretch her out by sitting her on my lap and lifting her under the arms so that her body would extend.

Good luck

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