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starting solids Lock Rss

my daughter is 3mths old she was sleepin from 9:30pm till 5:30am then she got a bit ill and stated waking up for a 3am feed again she has now recovered but still wakes up. i think she may not be full enough when she goes to bed at 9 and thought of starting her on solids to fill her up more.
What do other people think?
My little boy is only 2months old so we are nowhere near starting solids yet. But I was told by maternal health nurse that you should not start them till they are at least 4months old as their stomach is to immature. I suggest to speak to your maternal health nurse or your doctor about it before doing anything. Maybe your daughter just needs her feeds put up, or maybe there is another reason she is becoming unsettled at that time.
Let us know how you go.

Belinda, Vic, William 12.10.05

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