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struggles with reflex baby Lock Rss

hi everyone,
my 6 week old baby girl Emilee has recently been diagnosed with gastric reflux after countless days and nights of endless screaming and vomitting. the doctor put her onto Zantac, shes only started it today but i was hoping others out there have used Zantac and can tell me success stories. also any hints on coping with bub when shes screaming with pain? i've only been a mum for 6 weeks and my husband works all day so i'm at home on my own with Emilee. any techniques you guys could offer? any suggestions would be great. i love her so dearly but its hard sometimes!

Amanda, Emilee Grace 27/02/04, Kynen 11/02/05

Hey calais,
i feel for you i really do, my son had reflux i didnt use Zantac i just switched to a thickened formula when he was six weeks old and didnt hear a peep from him but before that he'd scream 24hrs a day and i couldnt cope i didnt know what to do i was a wreck and i was hurting cause he was in pain and i couldnt do a thing about it so i seen a my doctor and she said theirs nothing you can really do about it, they grow out of it. Their was somedays id just leave him in his room and sit outside and cry and being by yourself just makes it harder. sorry i cant help but i just thought id let you know your not alone and hang in there she will grow out of it.

Sarah & little Parker

[email protected]

Sarah, SA, 6week baby

hi sarah,
thanks so much for your reply, its so good to hear from other mums out there who go through the same thing. we ended up taking her back to another doc because she seemed to be worse and he said to take her straight off zantac as its acid concentrate was way too strong for Emilee. we're now back to the basics and using natural ways like propping her up and keeping her upright all the time. her crying seems to have settled down so hopefully we wont go through the all day and night screaming sessions.
i'm glad your way worked for your bub, it'd be worth a try if all else fails for Em. i can totally relate to the sitting outside and crying, sometimes its all you can do to maintain a tiny bit of sanity! but they're such angels when they're asleep - i love watching her sleep because shes so peaceful and it reminds why i love her so darn much!
it was really good to hear from you - i hope everything is going great with little Parker

Amanda, Emilee Grace 27/02/04, Kynen 11/02/05

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