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Scary Feeding with my little hungry boy. Lock Rss

Hi ladies my bubby boy is formula fed with no real probs eccept that he tends to really guzzle his bottle he also takes a lot of air with his feeds and needs a very thorough burping in the middle and at the end of his feeds. He really worries me sometimes when he feeds because he ends up coughing or even nearly chocking on his milk when this happens I quickly reef him up and give him a firm pat on the back to make sure hes breathing properly this scares the crap out of me and when it happens he is like really puffing and breathing fast. I am worried that the teats are allowing him 2 suck in too much milk I have brought numerous amounts of different teats and am using tommee tippee bottles. Does any one have any sugg plz HELP!

Mumma of 3.

What flow rate is the teat you are using?

I used the Avent bottles and teats and found that the newborn was too slow for Jacob and ended up buying the variflow teats.

Just check the flow rate of the teat - and if you are using a faster flow rate - maybe you need to go back to the newborn/slower flow teats.

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