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hungry baby arghh Lock Rss

my sons a wee kand 5 days old and eats every 3 hours he has 100 mils of formula/ breeast milk but my breast milk is drying up and as it is he drinks to much formula for his age any advise

I have a 4 week old bub, who also eats every 3 hours, most feeds he will take 110mls of EBM or formula. Sometimes this is not enough for him and we give him another 20mls more.

Our clinic nurse told us this is ok, what was your baby's birth weight? It sounds like you have a hungry bub like us.

Our bub has now started to sleep 6 hours through the night, we think this is because he gets plently of milk through the day. Hopefully this will happen for you too.

Mum of Charlie 02.12.05

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