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Expressing Breast Milk Lock Rss

Hi Everyone

I was wondering how much EBM your little one is taking. My son is 7 weeks old and is taking 100ml every 2-3 hours and im just curious to see what others bub are taking in !
Have a happy and safe New Year !!
All the best for 2006 !!

I have a 4 week old bub, who takes 110mls every 3-4 hours, most days he has 6 feeds, if he sleeps through the night one day and only has 5 feeds, the next day we give him 125mls per feed, which he will always happly takes.

Our clinic nurse worked out he right amount for his weight etc.. My bub is gaining around 200 grams a week.

I love giving my bub his feed through the bottle, for me it's a peace of mind that he is getting the right amount every day and he never goes hungry, and the bonus is it's still my breast milk.

Mum of Charlie 02.12.05

Hi Mellie,

I'm the same as Charlie05. My daughter is also at 7 weeks (10 nov, what about yours) and is having EBM 80%, BF 15% and formula 5%.
I give her EBM like Charlie for peace of mind so I know how much she has had and also for the fact I have a 23mth old who clings like glad wrap and won't let me feed in peace. (with a bottle someone else can do it).
She feeds around 2-3 hrs about 110-120 mls each time. At night she can go about 4-5 hrs as in the early evening she cluster feeds. I also don't like giving her the boob because she doesn't stop feeding- she can go every hour or so which lead me to think that I might not have enough milk.
Does your baby not take a bottle at the night feed (about 8pm) as in the past few days at this feed she will drink about half of the EBM which grandma gives her as I have to put my toddler to bed, and she will refuse the other half with fussing and crying. She won't stop crying until I take her and finish the feed on the breast.
Also the middle of the night feed which is BF, I found that she will only suck for about 5 - 10 mins before dropping off again, does yours seem less hungry during this feed? Maybe she is trying to drop it and sleep through (wishful thinking) and that I should try to resettle instead, What do other mums think?
Happy new year to all (I have her in my arms at mo because it was 43 stinking hot degrees in Melb today and she has a blocked nose and has been SO unsettled that my arms are about to fall off! That's why I'm on the net instead of having a drink.........hehe!

Mum to Aidan 20 Jan 04 and Georgia 10 Nov 05

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