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Expressing Exclusively Lock Rss

I would like to know if anyone can help me with this, I prefer to express feeds for my baby as it gives me peace of mind on how much she eats and also because I can have a break from feeding. However I'm told the following scenarios and I'm wondering who is correct.

1. I can express exclusively without baby being put on the breast as whatever milk is removed will be replaced ( told by MY own MCHN and a private lactation consultant)

2. If exclusively expressing my milk will eventually dry up as this does not provide the same nipple stimulation as baby on breast ( told to ME by my centre's other MCHN and another private lac. consult.)

3. If I let baby on breast for 5 mins each side about 5 times per day then I can express without compromising my milk supply. ( told to me by my centre's senoir MCHN)

And all 3 I have heard as well from the midwives when I was in hospital. Hope someone can clear this up for me

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I expressed exclusively for 5 months for DS as he was born prematurely and could not feed. It meant expressing around the clock even AFTER he was sleeping through to keep up my supply. Its a LOT more work than just breastfeeding and your supply can drop easily and then is a lot of hard work to increase it again.

Some women find they cant express more than a tiny amount so make sure you can express a decent amount first.

I expressed for DD for the same reason, she was premature and couldnt feed from me. This time I only lasted 14 weeks because with other children as well it was near impossible to keep up with the demand and I feel pregnant again at 12 weeks so my milk began to dry up. I truly struggled to feed her that long and it was VERY emotionally draining for me.

Some tihngs to think about are: if you are expressing you are more likely to let other people feed your baby thus meaning you miss out on bonding time - this was a HUGE hurdle for me because it took so long to express that i would always 'want' my partner to feed my daughter... then i realised she was much more attached to him because he had more one on one time with her so I found this very upsetting.

Are you prepared to express when you are out and about? Carrying all your equiptment with you including ice packs to keep the milk cold, sterilizing equiptment if you are going to be out and about for a long time.

This sounds silly to but as i was expressing SO often I began getting hand cramps as i used a manual pump both times. VERY painful cramps that amde it hard to express. This may happen to you, it may not.

Another thing, from expressing so much my nipples still cracked and bled, the suction was fine so im guessing it was just from having to express almost hourly for days at a time to try to keep my supply up.

All in all in my opinion all 3 things you were told could be true, it depends on the individual. Think hard about it. Breastfeeding is a lovely bonding experience, one that I hope to experience this time (tho unlikely as ill probably have another premmie and go through the expressing thing all over)

My main pieces of advice are: buy or hire an electric pump, make sure you have a bag to transport it and freezer packs to keep the milk cold, read up on expressing and storing breastmilk the ABA site has lots of useful information.

Goodluck. I hope i havent rambled on too much!

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I am expressing exclusively as i have inverted nipples making breast feeding my baby a stressful time for her and i guess me to as she has to do a lot of work just to feed. I express 3 hrly and make a good 100 +ml each express. My baby is now 10 wks and i'm still making milk. A good lactation consultant should be able to give you sound advice and not just be for breast feeding. The lactation consultant i spoke to told me to express 3 hrly and 1 last time at night before bed and then start again in the morning- this equates to 5-6 expressings per day. I use an electric pump- 7-10mins on both sides and i wash the equipment in hot- cant touch without rubber gloves- water and then soak in boiling water for 5 mins- all advice given to me by lactation consultant. Sure 3hrly expressing is a lot of work but i guess its what i'm prepared to do. I like the fact too that my baby can have that bonding time with her daddy who is at work all day and loves to come home for a cuddle and a feed. There is lots of positives to expressing.

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My new bub is just over a week old. I've had attachment problems (same as with first bub) so I started to express my milk to give my nipples a break. I'm trying to get bub back on if I can otherwise I'll express for as long as I can.

Currently I'm expressing every 3 hours during the day and then one last express just before I go to bed. When bub's wakes during the night I express after her feed too. It's hard work but it's worth it to know she's getting my milk even if it's in a bottle.

I use a Nuk electric pump which is actually really easy to use and at the moment I'm getting about 100 - 130mls each time. One of the things I like about expressing my milk is that I can express both breasts in about 20 mins where as putting bub's to the breast can take heaps longer. I'm still usually the one that feeds bubs but it also does give hubby a chance to do it too and have some bonding time.

To try and get as much as possible expressed each time I massage the breast a couple of times as I go. This is also to make sure I don't get a blocked duct and then mastitis.

Well better go, it's express time.......

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