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How many feeds Lock Rss

My bady is 3 months this week. I was just woundering if anyone could help me with feeds. Iam not sure when to cut out feeds she is sleeping though the night. I was just woundering what happens next with feeds such as solids.

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Hi emj

There are some basic guidelines you can use as a starting point on this site under the 'Pregnancy & Parenting' heading at the top left hand of the page. Also it's a good idea to talk to your child health nurse as they will be able to give you advice and leaflets etc. Our nurse told us that milk is the most important and therefore should be the main food for the first 12 months. As for how many milk feeds, when you first introduce solids to your daughter she will only be having a small amount so her milk feeds will stay the same and as she starts to eat more she'll probably start drinking less. If you are breastfeeding just give as many feeds as your baby needs. I'm still breastfeeding my 9 1/2 month old son and he usually has 5 breastfeeds per day, sometimes up to 7. When I started him on solids at 5 1/2 months he was having about 8 breastfeeds per day. I don't know that much about bottle feeding, however I'm sure the nurse at your local clinic can help you out there if your baby is bottlefed. The nurses have to advise you on the latest guidelines - such as, currently it is recommended to wait as close to 6 months as possible to start solids - however the decision is up to you as to when to start.

Hope this helps
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