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ready for solids? Lock Rss

Hi all

My daughter is nearly 16 weeks and im wondering if i can start her on some rice cereal yet? I wanted to wait until she was closer to 6mths(like the experts say), but she seems to need more iron(i think). The reason i think this is because she cant stay awake much longer than an hour during the day and gets really whingy if she isnt put down for a sleep. I thought that at this age she would be able to stay up for at least 2 hours?
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Hi Lara

I've been told by a Nutritionist that the best first food is PawPaw. Aparantly it is an excellent food to aid digestion and as a babies digestive system is not as developed as ours, helps to make sure that it all goes through and baby doesn't get all clogged up. She also said that Banana should wait as it is a harder food to digest - even though it is soft. Just what I've been told.

Jordyn hasn't started solids yet but I think I'm going to give the rice cereal a miss unless it is mixed with some fruit/veg for flavour. If I wouldn't eat it, I'm not going to feed it to her.

Good luck
HI all, thanks for replying

Ive decided to wait a few weeks before giving any solids to her. I tried to give her some rice cereal and she looked disgusted!!! As for her sleep pattern , i dont know!
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