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How much formula do you give your baby Lock Rss

Hey I was wondering what all you mums and dads do when it comes to giving your baby formula.
Do you give 150ml per kilo, follow the label on the formula or just give your baby as much as they want.
My 8 week old just seems to want so much. According to her weight she needs 675ml a day, according to the formula she needs 900ml a day and according to her I'm sure she would have a litre!!!!

I have always gone by the baby's weight... Some babies of the same age are 2 or 3kg different in weight! None of the mum's I know have ever been able to get the amount of formula into their baby's that is recommended on the formula tins. It's 150ml/kg per day 0-3 mths, then at 3-6 mths its 120ml/kg per day. Just remember that either way these amounts are just guidelines, all babies are different. My DS is only a small eater and has always had around 100-200mls per day less than what he is 'supposed' to have and he has always gained weight well. Sometimes I think the amounts on the formula tins are a bit of a marketing strategy to make you make more, therefore waste more, therefore buy more!! Who knows??!!
I give my daughter 120mls per feed, she drinks the lot except when she is being fussy which it's then 90mls. She is only 7 weeks old and gaining weight for her age. I do recall the health nurse saying it's 150mls per kilo, but everyone is different.
I just give my bub pretty much what she wants, she's 4 months old and is an average weight for her age. I use to go by the tin, then tried doing the whole 150ml thing, now i just do 180ml every 4 hours (she sleeps through) so thats 4-5 feeds a day and she's happy. when their newborn is very hard not to freak out that you are giving them too much, but my bub was a real guts when she was that age, now she just takes what she needs smile

my dd is now 7wks and she is a big piggy!! she some times has 200ml bottles other times about 170mls and has about 7 feeds a day. about once a day she has a little feed of about 90-110mls. was worried about it being too much so i asked the pedo and he said that it is fine for her to have this amount at this age. he basically said that if you child is having their bottle and drinking it all a few times you should offer them more next time as he said it is best to be one step ahead of your baby rather than one step behind. as for my dd weight gain she is putting on about 40 grams a day a little more than average of about 30 grams a day. i think as long as they are content after the feed then it doesn't really matter how much they are having as long as they are happy and putting on weight.

Wow I have honestly never heard of the 150ml per kilo per day thing, with ds1 I just wenmt by the guide on the tin and never had any issues (luckily).
Am BF ds2 but thinking of switching to formula so thanks for the info, will keep that in mind.

Mum to Hayden (21mths) and Brodie (10wks)

My dd is supposed to be drinking 180mls at each feed 5 times a day but can rarely finish the bottle. She seems to be drinking less than ever. She used to be able to drink 180ml and look for more but she's cut back for some reason and I certainly cant force feed her.

We switched her formula from s26 Gold to Nan HA 2 weeks ago and since then she has had trouble finishing the bottle. Maybe the Nan formula makes her feel fuller??? When she has her bottle she seems satisfied (even though she's probably only had about 100ml) and she's still wetting her nappies as per normal.

We're seeing the CHN today to weigh her so I'm really hoping she's still puting on weight.

Also, the 180ml per feed was calculated by my chn who was working it out on 180ml per kilo per day not 150??? Is she wrong?
Hi again

Just thought I would put in a quick post now that I've seen my chn.

Stella has put on 500g in two weeks ! What was I worried about ??? lol

Also, now that she's reached the 3 month mark I've been told that we can reduce the amount of formula per kilo to 120 mls which means she can now finish her bottle and I dont feel so stressed ! yay smile

I did ask my chn about the amount of formula suggested on the cans compared to the formula per kilo per day ratio and she said that firstly, the companies that make the formula are out to make money, secondly there can be vast differences in the weight of some babies and this will affect how much they are able to drink - some will drink lots, some wont. Apparently that's why the weight to formula ratio works.

DS is just over 4 months old now, and he is on 250ml usually every 5hrs during the day then has a last bottle at 9-10pm and then sleeps right through to about 7-8am. What it says on the tin is just a guideline. Every baby is different. DS is a big boy, so he was on 180ml from about 6 weeks old. The CHN havent got any worries with him, as long as he is gaining and not losing weight, and as long as its not a massive amount of weight, she is happy (DS is also very long)
I wouldnt worry about what the tin says, as i said, its only a guideline hun!!!!

Jade & Angus(23/04/08)
Posted by: mumofstella
We switched her formula from s26 Gold to Nan HA 2 weeks ago and since then she has had trouble finishing the bottle. Maybe the Nan formula makes her feel fuller??? When she has her bottle she seems satisfied (even though she's probably only had about 100ml) and she's still wetting her nappies as per normal.

My DS was the same on Nan HA, he just didnt want to have his bottles and was leaving about 60ml at every feed(only brought this formula, because his normal one was out of stock)
I think it was way too rich for him or something like that. Sorry i cant tell you why, but thought i would tell you i had the same issue =)

Jade & Angus(23/04/08)
I just let my baby feeds when she needs it. Some days she's a lot hungrier than others. My little girl is 10 weeks old and she hs 180 ml per feed, and has at least 5-6 of these per day. I do go off the guidlines on the tin. Told my chn and she told me to still just feed on demand because she is growing so fast.


well i feel better now. I thought mt girl was a little piggy, but after reading everyone elses, she is about average. roughly 120ml per feed 8 times a day. and she is only 4 weeks old!!! weighed her today 4.8 kg and 58cm long!!

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