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how to store EBM Rss

Hi!! Could someone help me please. I would like to know how to store expressed breast milk for future use. What can I freeze it in? When I want to use it what is the best way to heat it up? I need to build up a supply asap. I am going to the F1 GP at the end of the month ... all four days!! So I need quite a bit of milk for my mum to feed to my little girl!! Please help! Thank you very much!

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Yes i hope i can help you!
You can store breast milk in the fridge for 24 hours, but put it at the back of the fridge!!!
You can also freeze it in the freezer, but preferable a deep freezer otherwise as far into the freezer you can get it into!
I think the lifetime for it in a freezer is a few months, so you won't have to worry about that fro fouyr days!
As i remember the best way to defrost is in the fridge! Don't micropwave it!!!!
The best way to heat it up is put warm o rhot water in a container and sit the bottle in ot to warm it up,m but you can't warm it up like you would a bottle of formula as the microwave does sopmething to breast milk, i think it kills all the good stuff!!!
That's all i can think of really, i just know the deepere into the freezer the better otherwise if the door is open and shut it changes the temp of the freezer and this can do dtuff to the milk!
Hope i have helped you a bit, but other repliues might be able to help you out a bit better!

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another option for storing milk is to get the little plastic specimin containers which you can get from chemists, they come already sterile and they can be re steralised after use.
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