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Crying/fussy at Feeding Rss

Hi All,

I have a 10 week old boy who is on s26 gold. 4 hourly during the day and 2 weeks ago was sleeping through from 10.30-6am. He was taking 180 mls each time. No he seems to cry once he has had 100mls and its a real struggle to get him to take any more. He is waking again at 3 ish for another feed and then 4 hours after that.

I tried putting the next size teet on the bottles thinking he wasn't getting it fast enough because he guzzles the first 100 mls. But that didn't seem to work. He has always been a good burper too but now if you take the bottle out to burp he cries as well.

Was just getting used to having my sleep back too! any suggestions? he has only been constipated once so I dont know that I should change the formula....can anyone help?


Michele, SA

Hi Michele

My son does this as well, and has been doing this since he was 9 weeks old (he is now 11 weeks).

He mainly fusses at his feed before bed, but occasionally does this during the day as well.

I have no idea why he's started doing this either, because now it can take up to an hour for him to finish his bottle (180mls). I have tried changing the teat too, but it didn't help.

What I do is pick him up and walk around a bit for a minute or two, till he's calm again and try giving him his bottle. This does not alway work, because he will have a mouthful and then start crying again and pushing off with his feet.

Sometimes he finishes all his milk, and sometime he doesn't. It is frustrating, so I hope this behaviour does not continue on!!!! I thought it was wind or something, but even after he's burped, he carries on.

Maybe someone out there has answers.


LOL i am so glad im not the only one. my baby girl is 10 weeks old and does exactly the same. She also is on S26 gold. She has her last bottle between 8 and 8:30 pm and doesnt wake until 3-3:30 in the morning but then she is awake again at 7am. Her 3am feed is excellent she takes it all (180mL) burps then goes straight back to sleep (most nights). but her daytime feeds are really fussy, she will want a feed but only want it little bits at a time, so i think im going to start only making 60mL bottles (formula is to expensive to keep throwing it away). I have to also say she is one of the most active 10 week olds i know so getting her to keep still long enough during the day for a full bottle is also a nightmare lol. Its all trial and error really isnt it and also whatever suits you and your baby. WE ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS LOL
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