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Is bottle size important Lock Rss

with my first child I was given a couple of 125ml bottles which I used as it saved me money. (I threw them away when we didnt need them anymore) This time i have already purchased a set of 250ml bottles. Ive read that with newborns its best to use the 125ml smaller bottles to prevent too much air taken in. If im using the anti-colic teats do I need to use the smaller size bottles at the begining or can i use the larger ones with small amount of formula. Cheers

Dawn,WA ,Chloe 3.5, Danielle born 17th dec 2004


My little budle of joy is only just 2 weeks and am using the 250ml bottles with small amounts of formula and not having any headaches, so far. She brings all her wind up and doesn't have any headacehs with it later on. Every now and then I can hear her taking in air, but you change the angle of the bottle and it seems to correct that. I have never heard of using the small bottles when they only have small amounts of formula, with both mine, they went straight to the 250ml bottles. I guess it is up to you, but personally why should you have to buy small bottles for small amounts then have to spend more money on bigger bottles later on, it is just a waste of money, easier just to buy the bigger bottles.

Thank you Heather,

I read it in one of the numerous baby magazines. I thought the same about using the larger bottles as thats what Ive already bought but when you read stuff you just start doubting what you know. I appreciate your help
Cheers Dawn

Dawn,WA ,Chloe 3.5, Danielle born 17th dec 2004

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