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Breastfeeding Headaches Lock Rss


I have a 2 week old baby girl who is giving me headaches when feeding. I don't know if it takes awhile to get into a routine of feeding because my first born was bottlefeed, so am very confused. She currently feeds whenever, sometimes 3 hourly, sometimes 2 hourly and sometimes she just finishes a feed and then she is back on wonting more....... This only really happens during the day, come night time she sleeps for about 5 hours without a feed. And then there is the time she takes to feed, she takes just under an hour to feed and am unsure whether that is what happens. I would love to continue to breastfeed her but am getting stressed and confused as to how this is meant to work. Would love some suggestions or just stories from mums who have been in this type of situation. Have been told by a midwife to just feed her whenever she is hungry for the time being cause evetnually she will get herself into a routine, but when will that happen I wonder....

Thanks in Advance
Hi Heather

Bennett is 12 weeks now and our breastfeeding is still going really well.

The first month or so was a total blur for me cos you seem to never get a break.

I'm unsure if you mean headaches literally - if so drink lots of water cos breastfeeding dehydrates you heaps.

I agree with the midwife to just feed when they are hungry - Ben still sometimes eats every 2 hours but is sleeping between 8 and 11 hours at night so I'm happy to accodomate him during the day.

I did notice early on that when he still wanted to feed after eating for ages it was just to suck - that was when i gave him a dummy to save my nipples... have a look at her while she is sucking and see if it is rhythmical and if she is swallowing then she prob is still hungry. Bennett just likes to play with my nipples (typical boy)

Anyway perevere cos it does get easier I'm even managing to discreetly feed in public (yes with my G cup boobs) smile

Goodluck with everything and you can email me if you want [email protected]


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Hi Heather
I am having some of the same problems with Ian feeding for a long time and sometimes wanting to feed 30 minutes after he has already had both sides (sometimes twice!). He is often on for an hour, and his brother was the same, it does improve. The length of time for feeding will decrease as they get better at extracting the milk, and time between feeds does eventually increase.
I find Ian is especially bad for continuous feeding in the evening. He wasn't sufficiently full last night to sleep until 1.30am!
If you have any questions send me an e-mail, you have my address.
Hope you're enjoying the other aspects of a new baby, and Haydn is still happy being a big brother. George has been a bit stroppy since Ian arrived, but I suspect more teeth coming through as he has red cheeks and is back to major dribbling. He does spend a lot of time patting and hugging Ian (occasionally gets a bit overenthusiastic)

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

Hi Heather,

The first month or two of breastfeeding can be very trying and very tiring too. I remember with my daughter now 19 months, she would want to be fed every 3 hours during the day and at night I would get about a 5 to 6 hour break between feeds.

From what I remember the midwives told me it was important to eat small meals regularly to keep up your strength and to drink lots of water. I used to keep a water bottle handy in the fridge and grabbed it each time I sat down to feed.

I lasted 6 months with breastfeeding my daughter as she wanted 3 hourly feeds right up to that point and I became exhausted. But my GP assured me she was thriving so I then changed over to formula.

I am headed back into the breastfeeding arena very soon, so will be happy to come back and share more experiences with you or you can contact me via e-mail if you need support or a friendly shoulder to lean on.

Hope things start to improve for you soon.

Michelle (27 days and counting till my little boy is due!!!)
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