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Stomach gurgling noises?? Rss

Hi everyone, I have a 3 week old who is on Karicare Gold and everytime she has a feed I can hear her stomach churning and gurgling. She starts to fuss and usually ends up bringing up some of the feed along with wind, and then I can't get the rest of her milk into her. It doesn't seem to cause her pain when she vomits but something is definately bothering her during her feeds. She was originally on S26 since 2 weeks old but it made her constipated so I changed about 4 days ago.... She usually drinks about 100 - 150 mls. Has anyone got any ideas as to what the problem may be?? I can't remember this ever happening with my first daughter!

Sarah, mum of Natalie & Jessica


My 3 month old daughter does the same and I am breastfeeding her, she still has the bubbling she has been like this since birth. I have been told that it is wind and I have been giving my daughter Marina Infant mixture, I tried gripe water but she does not like it, I also tried infacol but it has made no difference. Marina infant mixture seems to settle her. Also I find that if you rub her belly clockwise that it helps, even just placing your warm hand on her belly comforts them as well. I hope this helps you. Best of luck... Ramona

Ramona, Qld, mum of Tanaya born 09.12.05

Hi my son has the same he has pretty bad wind and also reflux which makes him vomit alot, if your baby doesnt seem to be in pain maybe its not reflux, but i found a product called infants friend helped with the stomach girgling, it sounds as if it is a bit of wind circling around in bubs belly, maybe try infants friend hope it works

Renee,Sydney, 4 week old baby

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