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How much does your newborn drink?? (Bottlefed) Lock Rss

My DS, 7 weeks, was drinking 6 bottles of 130-150mls per bottle last week but this week has gone back down to 6 bottles of 110-125mls. Would this have been a growth spurt? D the usually go back down after the growth spurt??


Hi there
My ds and alot of other mums i have spoken to have all gone through this. All around the 7-8 weeks mark. My ds used to drink around 170mls at 7 weeks and then all of a sudden started getting fussy while feeding and would only drink around 90mls-120. This lastest for about 2 or so weeks. Now he is almost 4 months and drinks around 200mls 4-5 times a day and has just started solids also. But u are right. Your ds would of had a growth spurt and now is just plateauing for a couple of weeks. As long as he is happy and healthy then there is nothing to worry about smile
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