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cluster feeding/bunch feeding Rss

I have a 12 day old newborn who has started cluster feeding from 5 days old. She sleeps 2-4 hours during the day and then gets to the afternoon and is fussy and wants to be b/f on and off for the next 5 hours or so. I don't mind this if it happens during the afternoon when I am wide awake but the first two nights at home she started at 1:30 am...I heard that cluster feeding might be associated with growth spurts and should stop. Did anyone experience the same thing and found that it did stop and when?? Would love to have a regular 3-4 hour feed around the clock.

Charli's mum

Jeb did do this when he was having growth spurts but I also think it might have been a case of not getting all his wind up. If you don't getting it all up then it takes up more and more room as the day goes on so when bub is feeding she can't take as much as she needs so will get hungrier sooner. Try burping every 3 mins or so to make sure that all the wind gets out and she takes a good feed that will help her last longer. I found out about this (and it made sense to me) by reading feeding techniques by Tizzie Hall. You may have seen a post I put in here somewhere, that she has released a book called "Save Our Sleep" but it is full of tips on feeding as feeding and sleep go hand in hand. You can buy it off her web site and at book stores. Big W stocks it and it's only $22 and I reckon it's well worth a look. Hope I have helped smile

I have a 9 week old baby girl and she did what you are describing for about 2 weeks from about 4pm till 9pm ( I couldn't get her off the breast not that I didn't wantt o spend the time with her but she wasn't really feeding propperly anyway) and then with a little persistance I just tried to streach her out. tried to make a definate routine ie bath, feed , bed and she just got it, and now she is feeding 5 or times a day between 4-5am and 9pm and sleeping through. So you are deffinatly not alone with this, hope this helps and good luck with it.


Cathy,QLD, Charlotte Grace Elizabeth 10 Jan 06


I have a 3 month old that has cluster feeds every night. When a baby feeds often for a growth spurt it is to up the milk supply, whereas when they cluster feed it is to help them get a longer amount undisturbed sleep ( it doesn't always work ) I get at least a 5 hour undisturbed sleep from my little one where as it used to be about 3 at night. In regards to having 3-4 hour feeds around the clock it may never happen, especially in the first 6 weeks. Your both still trying to adjust and feeding is soothing, my mum always says there is no point in trying to establish a feeding pattern with a baby becaue no matter how hard you try they will get hungry when they get hungry!! Good luck with the cluster feeding, you will probably get used to it if your little one keeps it up, I have found that it s just a part of my night now.

Tiddles, Vic, 3/1/2006 dd

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