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Breast feeding in public.... Lock Rss

Since the arrival of my daughter (9 weeks) I had never given much thought to mothers feeding in public, however I am fast learning that many people have strong opinions on the matter...!!!

I find it very frustrating that many places provide below standard facilities (such as inside a disabled toilet) but then critisize when you don't use them. Not only are these facilities unsocial, they are also unhygienic - I wouldn't eat in why should my daughter???

I have seen many Mums sitting out in their cars feeding, and wonder if it really should be this way???

I am interested in other mothers experiences with public breastfeeding. I thought that in this day-and-age, we had moved on...??? There are more 16 year old girls walking around showing more skin than a breastfeeding Mum & yet we are made to feel as though we are being offensive!!!

I, myself could not feed in public, only because i feel uncomfortable doing it so i would do i in the car with a blanket over bub if we were out or take a formula bottle with me as DD was getting comp. feedings anyway.

In saying this, i do not have any objections to anyone feeding in public either. If you feel good about it, go for it. It's not like you see anything when bubbies head is there anyway and i don't even notice people feeding in public. I barely notice anyone lol i just go about my business. For this reason i kept telling myself it should be ok for me to feed as i don't notice anyone doing it but i just couldn't get the confidence to do it.

Me-24 DH-25 DD#1-2yrs DD#2-2mths

I breastfeed where ever I want and when ever Theo wants! Even to the point that I went for a interview to change jobs (am a real estate agent) I took Theo and feed him in the board room in front of the boss as we discussed my moving to the new firm, I got the position and I take Theo to every meeting and breast feed when he needs! I agree that the parent facilities are just not up to scratch! I feed at the shops in open public, at the cafe, in the kids class at school, where ever!!! I have never been stared at, though I am careful not to show the nipple! And really do not give a rats arse about what others think, my sons welfare is a lot more important than the dinosaurs who disagree with public breast feeding. Others need to get over it and we as feeding Mums need to stand firm.
This is a topic my husband and I do not agree on. I have no problems feeding my six week old son anywhere I am comfortable but he insists that it is embarrassing for other people to see. I do not see why this is our problem.

Some places do provide excellent facilities - on a recent trip to a large shopping mall we discovered the parents room there to be fantastic, clean, spacious with couches and even a tv. If all places could offer facilites that are clean and comfortable then this would not be an issue.

I also would never feed my baby in a toilet or unhygeniec facility. I agree about being made to feel offensive, it is natural and beautiful to be able to feed your child from your own body. Who cares if other people find it offensive.

DS 22 months DD 9 Oct 07

I own a very busy cafe' in New Zealand's capital. I can confidently say (and i have had countless opinions and comments from our open regulars and staff) but most people aren't offended by woman breast-feeding in public, most people just want a little bit of respect and hope that mothers would be mindful of how they do it. i.e i had a young male staff member approach a table to take an order and the mother left her boob tangling in the open for a decent amount of time before she put her baby on it. I spose its the same principle as religion, not everyone agrees, but there's nothing worse than someone forcing you to.
Also a lot of people think it is precious and are admiring rather than disaproving. Some people don't know what to do because even though it is natural, the breast is still the biggest sexual symbol today.
It is hard for some people to get used to it and we should respect that. But i wouldnt let ones opinion stop us from the special convenince of breast feeding when the child needs it! A little discretion or a blanket flick has never been too much to ask for anyone i know.
For a start, I think you will find it is illegal to ask a breastfeeding mother to desist feeding in public - and so it should be!! I am breast feeding my 8 week old son and I do it anywhere and anytime he is hungry. Although I don't go out of my way to flash boob or nipple if it happens I really don't care what people think - feeding babies is what breasts were designed to do. It is only in more recent times that breasts have been turned into a sex symbol, their first and most important role is to sustain and nurture babies.

Good on you for breast feeding and good luck with everything smile
If i'm in a large shopping mall i always go to the mothers room to feed my DS, they are fantastic. But i would never ever feed in a toilet. I would much rather feed in public. If i need to feed in public i just use a blanket over my shoulder to cover up anything that may be showing. I have no problem with feeding in public, but i feel like i'm making other people embarressed. But usually no one is realy looking anyway..
One of my friends was recently feeding her baby in public and an old lady approached her and went off saying how it was wrong what she was doing and she should go home to do that sort of thing! I thought that was so mean.
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