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Is it OK to switch between breast feeding and formula? Lock Rss

Hi all,

Just after a little of advice from all you experinenced Mum's out there, for a slightly un-educated Dad when it comes to feeding.

I have an 11 day old young man, who for the majority of the time breast feeds, although at times a bottle is needed (when we are away from Mum).

I'm giving him S-26 Gold, as per it's instructions, but unlike when he is breast fed, he vomits alot of the fomulia up. He isn't in any discomfort when he does vomit, nor does he really seem to care.

I have just been a little concerned (OK, un-educated) regarding this.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Hi there

maybe its the teat...
If the flow is too fast or if its screwed on to tight baby could either be sucking in too much air or getting too much milk causing him to vomit.

First I would start with a slower flow teat and see how you go, ther are anti colic teats avaiable which a really good, they have a little valve hole thing near the base which lets air into the bottle, there should always be air bubbles in the milk in the bottle when baby is sucking.

try sitting him more upright when feeding and see if it helps.

Good luck, sounds like you are doing a great job...

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

Good on you, if only the world was filled with Dads like you! He may be getting too much in one hit. I would always give my Bubs a short break in between just to see if they were actually full or just drinking because it was flowing down their throats! Babies do not have to work as hard with a bottle to get the milk, so chances are he is filling himself up too much. As long as he isn't projectile vomiting then he is probably just being a glutton!!! (Sorry no offense meant) Good luck!
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