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AHHHHH!! Breastfeeding problem Lock Rss

I have a 3 months old who has just started to thrash about during his feed. He only breastfeeds and has never had a bottle.
He feeds for 5 mins before he starts to pull himself off and then reattach, he does this several times while getting cranky, arching his back and crying. He does the exact same thing on the opposite side.
At first i thught it was a tummy ache and wind but this is not the case.
I then thought he wasnt getting enough but when i express there is plently there. I thought it might have been an oversupply so have expressed a little just before a feed and this makes him worse.
There used to be a 3 hour gap in between feeds but now he is lucky to last 1.5hours. At night he used to sleep 5 hours now its only 4.
He is still putting on weight at around 500g in 6 days, although last week he only put on 100g.
He is only sleeping 1 hour intervals during the day now instead of 2.5 hours and is really hard to settle to sleep.
I have been to 2 lactation consultants, 1 told me to fingerfeed him, while the other said to express into a bottle and feed him from that until he stops thrashing about. I thought this was very unhelpful!!
I am seriously at my wits end and seriously considering formula. Although i dont have any problems with people feeding their baby formula i really didnt want to do this.
Can anyone tell me if they have had this problem and what they did to overcome it.
sounds very similar to what my ds was doing before I started formula feeding. (i intended to bf till at least 6 mths) is there anyway you could get your milk tested to see if its got enough body to it?
When ds started on formula his feeding pattern settled down.
I tried expressing and bottle feeding but found he just became use to the bottle and became a little lazy on the breast.
Sorry I cant be much help.

This sounds like the exact same issue I am having at the moment. My baby is 2 months old and is putting on a pound a week, so I think he is getting plenty of milk....I suspect that he likes all the milk at the beginning of a feed when it is flowing nice and fast but gets lazy when he has to work to get the hind milk.
It is normally in the late afternoon/evening when he cluster feeds that he feeds for about 5 minutes, then pulls off the boob have a quick sqeual/grizzle then quickly latch back for a few more sucks and basically repeats this till I get frustrated and swap sides to repeat the process.
I was a little bit worried & was going to go to the breastfeeding cafe but since I know he his still gaining weight I think he just likes the milk to flow fast all the time smile.
Sometimes when he has gone more than his usual 3 hours between feeds and my boobs are really full he will refuse to latch on at the beginning and will basically just put his mouth over the end and start swallowing...until the flows slows then he will latch.
my first baby did this and he had severe silent reflux - maybe he's doing it because once the milk gets to his belly it is burning him. If you do put him on formula, shop around for a good reflux formula and make sure you get the multi flow teets. If you continue to BF maybe a trip to the doctor as it may not be behavioural it could be medical.

Christopher 08/10/05 William 30/12/08

Hi there.

Do you think he is satisfied after his feeds? It could just be that he's feeding more efficiently and thus the feed is taking a shorter time. It confused me when my DD did this - she went from 20 minutes per side to 5 minutes, and I could never work out if she was done or not....but she was!

Reflux isn't caused by milk burning the stomach, it's the stomach unable to hold the milk in, and stomach acid rising back up the oesophagus. This usually happens after the feed, not during.

I know my DD has gone through lots of stages where she's had all sorts of funny and frustrating behaviour at the breast. They've all just been phases, though, and having persisted through them, I'll realise one day that she's not doing it anymore. I suspect that's what your little one is doing, and that it will pass.

For breastfed babies, it's quite normal (in saying this, there are lots of different "normal" weight gain patterns for bf babies), to gain lots and lots every week in the first 3 months, and then for it to plateau off and slow down significantly. Is he still growing in length and head circumference? These are the real indicators of getting enough milk, not just weight gain. And 100gm a week is great - weight gain is weight gain!

There is a growth spurt at 3 months that can also result in funny behaviour and changed sleep patterns. Switching to formula would not necessarily make any difference.

Just a note on "hindmilk" since a PP mentioned it...the so-called hindmilk starts flowing as soon as you get a let-down, usually in the first 30-60 seconds of a feed. There is no magic length of time that bub has to be feeding for to reach it, So there's generally no need to worry there.

Hope that helps!

Kirsten smile]

Hi guys,
Im so glad to hear that im not going insane and this has happened to other mums. Its been going on now for almost 4 weeks.
He does have really bad reflux which he is on medication for. He has been on this since about 4 weeks so it wont be the reflux causing him to fuss.
I have thought about wether on not he may just be more efficient but he does still seem hungry afterwards. After i get too frustrated to keep going i sit him up and he cries for a few minutes then starts sucking on my finger. Sometimes i'll brave it and put him back on the other side but most times i just give up.
The only difference i have noticed is his sleep pattens have changed and he is alot harder to settle to sleep. When he does sleep its only for an hour or so instead of the 2.5hours he was doing.
I must admit though last night was great he went down at 12.30am then didnt wake up until 6.15 this morning. He hasnt done that in a while smile
I'm off to the doctors today for a check up for him so i'll ask him today to reccommend a lactation consultant. The 2 i went to were hopless and the lactation consultants at the hospital wont look at babies that are older than 2 weeks rude
Is he teething? He may not actually be hungry again but wants to gnaw on your nipple or finger to numb the gums. My LO is 12 weeks old and has recently dropped from around 40 mins a feed to 10 mins. Anything after that she chomps, not sucks. She's also more unsettled in the afternoons after being an great sleeper. She is teething though, which explains it all.
I have the exact same problem with my son. He will take about 3 - 5 minutes on one side then pull off (with the breast attached) and then get upset. I will put him back on again and he will pull off then after a few seconds and get upset again. I try to stretch him out to 10 minutes (on and off) but usually give up earlier because he gets worked up. I then switch the the other side and the same thing happens.

When I take him off the other side I then either give him the dummy (because he gets himself worked up) and if he settles with that I figure that he has had enough. Otherwise I run frantically to the fridge get whatever EBM or formula that is available. Try to bring it to room temperature, which feels like a lifetime if he is crying and then offer that to him. This has been going on now for a few weeks some feeds are okay but the majority are a bit of a battle. I am pretty close to weaning off breast feeding and going for formula. I have seen 2 lactation consultants and have also called the breastfeeding hotline and have not found a solution. Have you had any luck?

Hi again,

I dont think he is teething as yet. Although he has had increased drooling over the last couple of weeks hehehehe very gross!! But no red bum or cheeks and is generally quite happy if you are entertaining him.
I went to my GP yesterday and he is extreamly happy with the weight gain of bub. He explained that at 3 months they become extreamly efficient in draining the milk so it would only take them 5-10mins on each side. He explained that most babies will finish the first side and start to fuss when its empty which gives you an indication to switch sides. Once he starts doing it on the other side then he has either drained it and is fussing that he doesnt want anymore (even though he will be coming back for more cause he cant help himself) or he now has a tummy ache from now being overfull and wants more milk to settle his stomach.
Which kinda makes sence I guess. He explained that if bub is putting on weight fine and his attachement is fine then not to worry at this stage, all babies become very fussy at 3 months and if feels like you have to learn their queues all over again.
I tried using what he said last night and making note of how bub was acting. I gave him one side last night waited till he fussed then removed him. Although he cried a little i distracted him for about 5-10 mins then offered him the other side. He didnt fuss what so ever, he pulled himself off when he was done and didnt want anymore and was perfectly settled.....i was quite amazed and kept waiting for the cry but nothing.....
I hope this information helps you cause i know how frustrating it is especially when your sitting there trying to feed but your face is covered in tears from frustration and not knowing what is going on!!
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