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just after some reassurance that i am not the worst mother in the world. i have "flat nipples" which has made breast feeding very difficult as i have had to use a "shield". the shield has made my baby work really hard to get so little and has been quite windy and unsettled. i have hired a breast pump and express and feed him every feed from a bottle.
all though i express regularly, i cannot keep up with his demands and am having to consider formula.
why do i feel so guilty about this? my baby is 16 days old and i feel like a failure for not being able to breast feed.
has anyone else fed fromula from an early age? i know the clinic will grill me as well as family who think that "breast is best" at all costs.

Hi Danae

You could be drying up because of your feelings. I went through a really stressful stage (and am still) with in-laws. One of my midwives (who lives across the road to my mum) said that stress can dry up your milk (as I was also complaining of feeling like I am not making enough milk).

So don't feel guilty about switching to formula if you do, sometimes it just has to be that way.

But also, to make more milk, continue to express even after you have the bulk of the milk from your breast. Because baby is not exclusively breastfeeding, so to speak, he can't make more milk when he feeds, so you have to do it for him. Make sure you drink between 3-4L of water a day, and are eating REALLY well. And if you are having a particularly good milk day, express extra and store it in the freezer for those days when you can't seem to fill him.

Hope this helps!!

Good luck,
Lacey and Kyla
Don't feel bad. If you go on formula at least he's had 16 days of breast milk and had all the good colostrum. Lots of experts will tell you 'breast is best' but formula is made to be a very close second these days and at the end of the day when your walking down the street, can you really tell by looking at people whose been breast fed and who hasn't? With my baby, he had trouble latching (nursewives told be he was a lazy baby and expected me to do all the work) and also only liked the left boob. I fed him a mixture of breast milk and formula for the first 3 weeks but even then the breast milk never seemed to satisfy him as much as the formula. (plus looking back now I think made him so confused with switching back and forth from nipple to teat, I think it has to either one or the other and expressing all the time gets really exhausting and time consuming too) I put him on only formula to save my own sanity as well as to make him happy. If your feeling stressed and unhappy your baby is going to feel that and be stressed and unhappy too. Don't worry about what anybody else thinks, you have to do whats right for you. I hope this helps. There are lots of mothers out there who have gone through the same thing.
And heres a tip, if you end up going on formula, a good way to get your milk to dry up is too drink a teaspoon of Epsom salts in a glass of water, and then express maybe once or twice to stop your breasts getting too heavy. Your milk will dry up in a couple of days and will avoid all the pain that goes with it.

3year old wonderful little helper

HI Danae

Dont feel gulity my little boy is 7 weeks old and has been on formula since he was 2 weeks old i also had to use the shield and bubs wasnt getting enough, i remember i felt awful because i couldnt breastfeed but , as long as bubs is feeding well, then all should be ok....

I am using Karicare which seems to be ok but my bub gets very bad wind, i think that comes with bottle feeding....

Renee,Sydney, 4 week old baby

thanks for the support! Cooper is now 18 days old and i have been able to still give only breast milk so far. it is only a short term solution, but i am aiming for 3 weeks ( i can't attach myself to the electric pump 24/7! i would like a little sleep...). i will feel happy at 3 weeks that i gave him a great start, and at already 5kg he certainly isnt fading away! as my husband says, he wont care what is in the bottle, just as long as it keeps coming!
thanks again!

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