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Infacol Success?? Rss

My 4 week old has bouts of wind (sometimes its not too bad other times is horrible, nothing unusual I suppose.) I'm just wondering for everyone else who tried Infacol did you find that it made your baby's wind worse?? Or increase fussiness? I gave up and am now trying Infant's friend to settle her tummy but I'm sure the Infacol worsened the situation dramatically!! She would absolutely scream during feeds (formula fed) and wouldn't settle properly for at least 24 hours.... Once I stopped using the Infacol it all seemed to stop. Has anyone else had an experience like this? Isn't this stuff meant to make it better?? Was I doing something wrong?

Sarah, mum of Natalie & Jessica

I have been using INfacol in bubs bottle for about 2 weeks and havent found this to be a problem. Before using it she would be really whingy cause she couldnt get her wind up but now she is fine. She burps without my help even sometimes.
Maybe there was something in the INfacol that didnt agree with your bub.


Heidi 26, Mum of Jemma QLD

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