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Bad wind and constipation Lock Rss

I was wondering if someone could help me, my five week old has a really bad time bringing up his wind, I usually burp him half way through a 120ml bottle and sometimes can get a small burp out then i try again at end sometimes with luck. Have tried infants friend and this works sometimes, He also had been constipated and finally did a huge green bowel motion after 3 days but cried the day before more than usual and his feeds dropped to 60 to 70ml each bottle. have tried all the usual things deep bath, warm washer on lower tum, massage, no nappy etc. He also gets a very blue around his lips and bottom of nose which the health nurse said I should take him to the gp about so am going to do. has anyone else experienced this problems. He is currently on the NAN formula. any help wolud be appreciated as cant stand seeing my little man like this

Tys mummy qld

You can get special liquid stuff from the chemist that can help baby to bring up wind. I think it is called dinnefeds or gripe water( that is how it is pronounced, Not sure of the spelling!).

Also massaging around the belly button in a clockwise direction can help constipation. It has to be quite firmly done and must be clockwise.


I've had to start bottle feeding my 3 week old with thickened formula as she's so hungry. She also gets constipated. A little bit of dark brown (soft) sugar in the bottle works, but not too much too often. We're trying to get her to drink some warm water to help with her wind and constipation, but she's not too impressed with it and spits it out!

Give it a try, it may work.


Hi Tys mummy,

I would definately change his formula.... to a Karicare one. I too had similar problems with my son. I give my son 100mls of boiled cooled water with 1tsp brown sugar in, every day and that keeps his poos soft and makes him go every day !! so much better than seeing him in pain. Formula fed babies generally need more fluid than just their feeds. my son also has blue around his mouth, this is just a sign that he has wind (so dont worry) and I give him Gripe water (natural) from supermarket or chemist and that works great !!

I hope this helps.



Jen NZ baby Samuel 9wks

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