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Hi all,
I have just stopped breastfeeding 2 days ago and my breasts are really sore and engorged. Does anyone know how long this will take to settle? Should I express a little for comfort or leave them alone? This is very uncomfortable, anyone got any remedies to manage this?

mum 2 b due 3rd june

Be careful, you don't want to get mastitis!! I would express enough to take the discomfort away every time they become engorged. Don't worry, your supply will be reduced and this way it might take longer to dry up but you'll be much more comfortable and less likely to develop mastitis. Cold cabbage leaves in your bra will relieve the pain a bit too. If you start to feel like you've got the flu go straight to the docs!!
Hang in there!!


Sarah, mum of Natalie & Jessica

you need to be really carefull do not stop all of a sudden to need to drop a feed gradually every few days and the last feed you should drop is the morning. i did this got advice from the clinic and it was great but it will take a good two weeks do it very slowly and you wont get an infection mastitis

goog luck

Susie the proud mother of baby Kiara born 8.1.06

This could be a wives tale but my Aunt says that drinking coffee dries up breast milk. Why have you stopped feeding? Weaning your bub?

Kel, Tas, mother to Ryan 5 mnths

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