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doesn't want to feed anymore Lock Rss

Hi guys

I have a 7 week old daughter and this week she has stopped having her bottle. She was drinking 120ml every 3 hours, and has now only been having 60-70ml, starts screaming during the feed and falls asleep. Only sleeps for a few minutes, then screams again. She looks like she wants to drink, but as soon as I put the bottle in her mouth she spits it out and starts screaming again. Can anyone help before I go insane?


QLD, Grace 04/02/2006

Hi this must be very stressful for you and your baby girl.
My daughter is now 15 weeks old but would cry sometimes while being on the bottle. ( She would have been about 6 weeks then) Firstly I tried a special teat from the chemist (aventi/tommee tepee, etc.) for smaller babies, so the milk did not come out so fast. Later a little infancol, or gripe water before each feed.
I would also have to calm her down, rock her, etc until she was almost asleep and then we would feed, and she would feed slower and not scream so much. It does take longer this way but so much better than an unhappy baby.
Hope this helps you

Justin, ACT, 12 week old baby

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