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Waking for Feeds? Lock Rss

Hi, my bub is 4 weeks old and I bottlefeed (S26 gold). I was advised to wake him every 4 hours for feeds if he doesn't wake himself, except for at night where I should let him go.
I was wondering if anyone else does this, or should I just let him sleep. (not that he is doing much of that anymore).

Your thoughts would be appreciated.
Hi Paulene,

One of my friends does this. He sleeps for twelve hours a night so through the day she has to get 24 hours of food into him.

She will let him go for no longer than five hours and then wake him up. I think she also said that if he didn't get the food through the day he would end up waking up at night hungry and make a bad routine. She was still doing it when he was 2 1/2 months old.

If your baby was small or premy, that could be another reason. I heard that small babies get exhausted feeding so they will just sleep through feeds.

Hope that helps!!

Hi Paulene

My bub is a little over three months old. My father always says you should never wake a sleeping baby that they will wake up all by them selves when they need something (mind you he probably says this as they normally cry when you wake them). My little boy is breast feed so my circumstances are a little differant. The nurses were making me wake him every 4 hours in hospital and I found he would just scream and not really feed properly any way. As soon as we got home I decided to just go with the flow and follow his cues. By three weeks old he was sleeping for 6 hours of a night and now he goes 9 to 10 hours of a night and is awake most of the day. My clinic sister was not keen on leaving him to sleep but once she saw we were both happy and his weight gain was good she was fine with letting him decide when he needed to be feed.

Kel, Tas, mother to Ryan 5 mnths

My bub is also 4 weeks old and got told the same thing but to start with was for night aswell. If it is for something like jaundice they say this to flush our their systems. I am only now allowed to let him sleep for 5 hours at night, but when he is 6 weeks old he can sleep as long as he wants at night. Since he is sleeping 5 hours at night now he actaullay wakes for his day feeds every 3 to 3 1/2 hours.

My midwife said the general rule is you have to feed them at least 6 to 8 feeds a day, so if sleep for a while at night you must make up the feeds during the day, so you may need to wake him up once or twice a day.

Megan, SA, Alex 27/2/2006

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