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Vaccinations.... Lock Rss

Hi Girls,

I wondered wheather anyone else has had any bad reactions when their babies have had vaccines.

My Son had his 12 week injections including the mensB one. (I think only applicable to NZ) and a few hours later he woke up screaming like he had never done before... I gave him pamol and rang the doctor who said that was normal !! I was furious, because no one told me, and he was inconsoleable for about an hour, anywayits now been 4 days and he still seems upset and even has a rash... so I took him to the medical center, they said he was ok and it was probably a side affect of the vaccine!! has anyone else had similar reactions with their babe ????

Upset mum.

Jen NZ baby Samuel 9wks

I went to my GP for Lilly's first vacs, never again he was so rough she screamed for the rest of the day (it was done in the morning). She was very unhappy and that stressed me out, the next lot I went to the session the councils holds and they were so much better. Also I gave her panadol and hour before I went. Lilly has never screamed that much before and I really worried that she'd be the same this time. Sorry to hear your bub had such a hard time, I've heard that a rash can be a side effect, we get a sheet that tells you what side effects the baby might get.

One day at a time

Hi Jen,
We too have had a very upset baby, Maddie has just had her 6wk imms(which we postponed), inc MenzB, 4 days ago, and is still very restless, crying and spiking a temp of around 38 degrees, it is poss she has a virus but is showing no other signs and symptoms. I am sure it is related to the MenzB, my first child did not react in anyway like this, and MenzB was not around then. How long did it take for wee boy to get over it?

Sian 6yo G + 3mth bubs

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