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I just pick him up and feed him Lock Rss

I was wondering if your babies cry at all during the day when they want a feed.

My 11 week old just makes noises, so I just pick him up and feed him. He takes to it straight away so I am assuming he must be hungry.

I am beginning to think that if I left him he may fall back asleep.

Just curious, thanks.



Sometimes they do just fall back asleep and you might get another hour out of them. But then I find with my little girl (5 weeks) that if i let her grumble for too long and she really works up to a cry, she's an absolute nightmare to feed. She's bottle fed but it seems if i can grab her as soon as she wakes for a feed and not let her really work up a big cry she's much easier to feed. Doesn't fuss as much and generally settles better afterwards too. So there's a fine line there i guess for me personally between seeing if she'll fall back asleep and feeding her before she's starving. My first little girl was MUCH easier, I could leave her and half the time she would go back to sleep (this is great at night) and if she really wanted it she'd let me know but would feed okay. So i probably haven't been any help to you buy maybe you could try leaving him, like i said at night times its great if you're still getting up to him, he might surprise you!!!
Good luck!!!

Sarah, mum of Natalie & Jessica

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