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Baby Breath.... Lock Rss

I probably should remember from my first baby, but i just can't think back. What does everyone's baby's breath smell like? My 5 week old is formula fed and her breath smells like sour milk. I suppose that makes sense since she drinks milk all day long but i can't remember if its normal or not? Sorry i know its a bit of a silly question....

Sarah, mum of Natalie & Jessica


My daughter is breastfed and her breath smells sweetish. But when I read your post, I was just thinking that, yes, it does have a tinge of sour to it. It's unique and quite pleasant.

Mum to Aidan 20 Jan 04 and Georgia 10 Nov 05

i was told bad breath can be the signs of reflux.... does she spit up after feeds?

Northern NSW-Danielle & Baby Seth March 16th 2006

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