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Hi was just wondering if anyone could tell me the difference between the Nan Formula and Karicare as was thinking of changing over as my little boy had trouble pooing on the Nan, he now goes everyday on Nan but people still say Karicare is better

Tys mummy qld

Every formula is slightly different so it's just a matter of finding one that suits your bub. I first started Jeb on S-26 gold and it kept him full but it constipated him so I tried Heinz and that too constipated him. Karicare was the next I tried and it was fine with his little tummy and bum so we stuck to it. I have been told that the newest Nan formula is actually the closet one to breastmilk on the market. So if bub is happy and healthy on it, stick with it. smile
Hi I have used Karicare Gold from the start without too many problems. I was told that any of the formula's with the Gold label were good. I was advised that the amount of iron content in the formulas can cause a bit of constipation.

Marie Qld - Roman's mum

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