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8 week old taking 200ml is this ok Lock Rss


Might be a silly question but i have just started giving my 8 week old 200ml of formula instead of 150ml, only for the last 2 feeds of the day has he only averages 4 feeds per day, but should be on 5 just wondering if anyone else is feeding there bubs a bit more then whats on the tin, i am finding he is alot more content with doing this and sleeps for alot longer during the day?

Renee,Sydney, 4 week old baby

My little boy wanted more when he was about the same age. He always seemed hungry. Now he is 15 weeks, and for about the last 3 weeks he has been having 200ml a day less than what the tin says. I say just feed him when he is hungry. I think it is just a stage they go through. My friend has a 9 week old & he is having about 8 bottles a day! Dont worry about what the tin says, go by bubs instead.
The main thing with feeding is :
*Is he pooing & weeing?
*Is he putting on weight .... not losing weight?
*Is he well & healthy?
If so, then that's all that really matters. You'll find all bubs differ with feeding amounts & whatever works for you both is best.
Bubs may be having a growth spurt & may take in more feed than usual - so the extra 50ml's is what he's needing (its' best to offer more milk & let him take in what he wants, rather than limiting a bub to 150mls or 200mls etc).
4 feeds a day (in a 24hr period) is fine ... as long as he's putting on weight & has dirty/wet nappies.
Are the feeds 6hrs apart each? or does he have them all during the day & then sleep thru the night for a long time?
Generally, the more feeds during the day (may have to wake bubs up) then they'll sleep thru the night which could be a good routine to get into I found.

due 20/3

I was giving Jeb 5x200ml since he was 9 weeks old (or close to that age...long time ago now!! LOL!!) up until he was 6&1/2 months. He is a big boy and was polishing off the entire 150ml so I offered him more and he took most of it 95% of the time. Bub will let you know if he wants more or less. The tins guides are recommendations so you should just adjust them to suit your bub.
My boy is 5 weeks old. I feed him 120ml... However for his last 2 feeds I give him 150ml to try and get him to sleep a little more at night. Like everyone else is saying if your bub is hungry and will let you know. My baby won't settle unless he has had enough.

Everytime I feel like I know what I'm doing, he throws me by doing something different. No 2 days are the same.
hi it's not a silly question i think because i have been going through the same. My son is 8 weeks tommorrow and the last 2 days i have given him 200ml feeds as he wanted more but he has now been having only 3 to 4 feeds a day. He as slept through since he was two weeks, sleeping 11 to 12 hours a night. also sleeping a good 3 hours during the day

chris,qld,8 weeks old baby

Hi Renee,
Was your baby big at birth?? Big babies will always eat more. If they are hungry then feed them is always the advice I've been given.
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